10 tips for the novice Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

If you understand how Mobile Legends: Bang Bang works, it doesn’t necessarily make you a good player. To start playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at a decent level, you need to understand not only the mechanics of the game, but also how you need to fit into those mechanics. In this guide, I’ll try to formulate 10 tips for the beginning player that can help them play much better.

Start off right

A lot of players at the beginning of the match try to run faster along the line with their creeps. It’s practically useless, because you won’t get to the enemy’s base faster, you’ll just die under the enemy’s tower or meet a couple of enemies, who, even being on the first level, are likely to overpower you. The result is a senseless waste of a few seconds on respawns and a loss of advantage on one of the lanes. To prevent this from happening, don’t rush to the enemy’s base at the very beginning of the game – better to run into the woods (preferably with an ally) and kill two monsters there to get to the lane with the second level and have an advantage over the enemies coming towards you on the lane.

Learn Your Characters

There are 32 characters in the game, and they’re not all the same. If you try to play every time a new character (as if “learning” them), it is unlikely you will quickly learn to play for someone well and get into the game. It’s much better to try to play several games as one character to get to the maximum level and understand what each character’s strengths are. In doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of each player’s role and the character in general, and will have a better understanding of which character is needed for which role in the game. So, for example, Leila at maximum level can destroy towers from afar without taking damage, and Fanny is able to move very quickly on her chains – they are completely different heroes that will suit absolutely different players. Only once you have fully “felt” the character will you be able to understand if he is the right one for you or if you should look for another one.

Correctly recruit emblems and abilities before the start of a match

Emblems are items that can boost your hero. Choose the emblems that enhance your hero’s main important aspects – it’s much better to make a fast hero even faster or to add defense to a tank than to increase a mage’s physical attack. Spells for heroes should also be chosen based on their role in the game. Stun, for example, will be useful for a tank hero, and Revenge is great for jungler, often fighting with monsters.

Don’t forget about daily rewards

Every day when you enter the game, you get reward chests. The chests can contain experience, battle points, hero tickets, emblems, and magic dust – basically anything that will help you in battle. But if you’re probably getting items from the chest for the first time, you’re unlikely to look in the chest every 4 hours – and for nothing! Every 4 hours, the chest is replenished, and you can get more rewards out of it. Thus, you can empty 6 chests in a day for free – although it’s certainly more likely that you’ll be able to open 4-5 chests, because people need to sleep.

In addition to the simple chest, there is also a chest that opens for medals. To open it, you’ll need to spend 10 points by exchanging the correct amount of medals received for participating in matches. You’ll get more expensive medals if you win, and cheaper medals if you lose, but you’ll still be able to open a “medal chest” after a couple or three unsuccessful games. In such a chest, you can find fragments of premium character skins and other useful things.

Don’t forget the bosses

Two monster bosses in the game – the turtle and the knight – can give your team an advantage. Often new players forget about this and rush to the grenade for nothing, but nevertheless use the possibilities of bosses still worthwhile. The Turtle will allow you to get a lot of gold, and the Knight will help you on one of the lanes. The best time to get distracted from slaying bosses is when one of the players (whether it’s you or your opponent) is approaching the base or while the players are locked in a “lockdown” in the middle of the map – with the help of bosses you can get an advantage in a critical situation and turn the game in your favor. If you see that your opponent is actively attacking one of the bosses, it’s better to quickly attack the second boss to level up as soon as possible.

Hit Creeps the Right Way

When you have a lot of creeps, it’s a good thing. When your opponent has a lot of them, it’s bad. To get more creeps to attack your towers, you need to get rid of them by using your hero to get rid of them. However, constantly running around and picking off every enemy creep one by one on every path is not a good idea, so it’s better to wait until you have enough enemy creeps and then kill them all at once to accumulate your troops. That way, you can switch between lanes and support your creeps, taking out clumps of enemy creeps and losing less time.

Destroy Towers

Don’t forget the purpose of the game! Destroying towers gets you closer to the enemy base and victory, so don’t be distracted by enemy heroes who distract you from the towers. Of course if you can handle the enemy without suffering significant damage or wasting a lot of time, then it’s worth it, but it’s not worth chasing the enemy and leaving the tower – it’s better to destroy it than the enemy, who will respawn after a certain amount of time anyway.

Inform your allies about the situation on the battlefield

Good communication allows your team to adapt to the game faster, so you can fight more effectively. Remember to pay attention to your allied teams and don’t neglect to “call for support”. When playing on the computer you’ll be able to type into the command chat faster with the keyboard, but in critical cases it’s better to use quick commands prepared in advance – for example, the call to group up.

Don’t fight solo

If you attack the enemy alone, you’re likely to either get killed fast or waste a lot of time in a futile battle. You should try to engage only with the support of an ally to win faster, or at least not to get killed under the onslaught of multiple enemies. At the same time you should properly understand your place in the “team” – when playing a tank try to cover allies, and healer do not rush into battle and heal friends. If it happens that the enemies attacked you while you were alone, you should temporarily retreat and call for reinforcements – if, of course, you were performing some important task, and not, for example, just swinging in the woods.

Enjoy the game

Don’t take the game too seriously – if you lose, it’s not the end of the world, and you shouldn’t berate your allies for bad decisions at all. On the contrary, it’s better to cheer everyone up with support and approval – so the game is much more comfortable not only for you, but also for the whole team. As a consequence, no one will leave the game early because of the “next swearing jerk” and the players will be more eager to win. Even if you lose, it is better to praise the team and analyze your mistakes – this will allow you to play better next time and possibly win.

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang - Tips and Tricks for Beginners


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