5 tips for newcomers to PUBG Mobile

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

5 tips to help beginners start playing better in PUBG Mobile. They will also be useful for more experienced players.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games at the moment. Also, no doubt it is a part of modern eSports. The game has already managed to download more than 600 million players and this figure is only growing!

Tips for newcomers to PUBG Mobile

Every day newcomers appear in the game, and it is often difficult for them to get acquainted with the game. After all, PUBG Mobile is already full of experienced veterans. That’s why it’s important to know where to start your journey. We’ll tell you what you need to do and what to avoid. To that end, we’ve put together 5 working tips for players who have just started playing PUBG Mobile!

Find a comfortable position on your phone

Experiment with the way you hold your phone while playing PUBG Mobile. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses. You have to find what’s comfortable for you specifically. Next, stick to that style and try to gradually get used to it. If you play it differently every time, it will be difficult to improve your skills.

More experienced players use four fingers to control the screen. This method is hardly suitable for beginners. However, when you improve your skills, you should definitely master it.

Choose your favorite set of gear

Choose your favorite set of gear

Newcomers to PUBG Mobile often find it difficult to choose a convenient weapon. We recommend that you practice in practice mode to try out every weapon available in the game. You’ll get an idea of recoil, bullet flight, and ammo capacity. After that, you will be able to choose the most comfortable equipment for your style of play. Later, during a match, you will pick up your favorite weapon and continue to master it. Over time, this will greatly improve your game.

Use different firing modes

Use different firing modes

Most assault rifles and submachine guns have automatic and single-shot modes. Some weapons also have a burst mode. It is often used instead of automatic mode.

Firing modes differ significantly from each other and are designed for different tasks. Therefore, it is important to know in what situations you should use a particular mode. This will allow you to improve your combat skills and defeat your opponents more often.

Play on different maps

This point is more suitable for those who are interested in the competitive aspect of the game. Right now, PUBG Mobile has four maps for the classic mode. Each of them provides a unique gaming experience. Exploring the different maps will give you an understanding of where to find good gear. As well as where the hot spots are. This knowledge will increase your chances of winning, because you will understand how to plan an attack or retreat at each location.

Don't hesitate to engage in combat

Don’t hesitate to engage in combat

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers to PUBG Mobile make is running away from the battlefield. This gives the enemy a chance to overwhelm you, and most likely ends in your defeat.

You have to play aggressively and tactically at the same time. As we said earlier, running away from a fight is not a good idea. Try to outsmart your enemy and take an aggressive approach. This way you will achieve much more success than playing passively, hiding somewhere in the bushes. Also, do not forget to use PUBG Mobile codes for February 2024. We wish you success in the game!