A3: Still Alive codes – free in-game goodies (February 2024)

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

A3: Still Alive is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game designed specifically for mobile devices. Compared to other titles in the genre, the main difference between A3: Still Alive is that you engage in exciting field battles with up to 30 different players, where everyone fights for themselves as they move through a vast extended environment. And, as you might expect, only one of the players will emerge victorious.

Before you start playing A3: Still Alive, you have to create your avatar. To do this, you need to choose one of five classes: witch, warrior, assassin, archer and barbarian. After selecting the class, you can go to the editor of the game to create a character. It’s full of options to choose from, and you can customize your avatar with everything from appearance to the smallest of details. You can also choose from a variety of hairstyles, eyes, face shapes, and more.

The controls in A3: Still Alive have been made to perfectly fit touch-screen devices. On the left side of the screen is a virtual joystick, and on the right side you can find a set of buttons for interaction and attacks. As usual, tap on the active mission to make your character automatically move and act. A set of alternative actions is also available in the settings menu.

The world of A3: Still Alive is huge. You’ll encounter all sorts of characters, including both friends and enemies. Throughout your adventure, you’ll interact with a multitude of characters and other players, and inevitably battle hundreds of different enemies. Plus, you’ll engage in exciting battles between two armies of 100 players each, and fight for the coveted final reward.

A3: Still Alive is a great massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Android. It offers great graphics and allows you to enjoy an experience similar to what you might expect from a new generation of console and PC games. This game is in no way inferior to popular games like Lineage 2M or Black Desert Mobile, and yet, it also has branded new game modes available for exploration.

With games like A3: Still Alive, it can be challenging to advance without spending real money on those pricey level-ups and goods. You may obtain some rare items that will improve your gaming using A3 Still Alive promo codes for February 2024.

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Updated A3: Still Alive codes

Active gift codes for February 2024:

  • A3G273C9277 
  • A3G8A90152T 

Updated A3: Still Alive codes

Expired codes

  • A3HAPPY2nd
  • a3g242b925
  • a3g4doq731
  • a3g549w138
  • a3g555x555
  • a3g793555
  • 300THDAY
  • A3SOUL
  • GOODBYE2020
  • A3Live
  • A3Battle
  • A3Report
  • A3Show

How can I use my A3: Still Alive codes?

In A3: Still Alive, there are two methods for using promo codes. One involves using the app, while the other entails going to the official site for code redemption.

Through the game

  • Tap the menu in A3: Still Alive after opening it.
  • Go to settings and select the option for a promo code.
  • Copy one of the codes from the aforementioned list.
  • Put it in the box and select “Confirm” after.

Through the website

  • Visit the A3: Still Alive redemption page.
  • In the first box, type in your account ID.
  • One of the codes should be copied and pasted into the second box.
  • The rewards will be sent to your in-game mail once you confirm with a tap.