AFK Arena Guide and Tips for Beginners

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Bind your account

One of the first things you should do with the game is link your profile to Facebook or Google. This will prevent you from losing your account and your progress in the game.

To link accounts, click on the player’s avatar – the “Account” button on the home page – “Link.”

Join a guild

Joining a guild gives you access to bosses, for killing which you get currency to buy equipment in the guild store. If you have high enough progress in the campaign, you can even find legendary and mythical items in this store. Also equipment may have a faction bonus, but this is rare and random.

Note: you can join a guild from ANY server, not just your own.

Use your friends

With friends and companion points, you can get free heroes. You can also use their heroes for team quests and alliances in the library.

Don’t be afraid to remove inactive people, because you’ll miss out if people on the list aren’t active.

Collect bonuses on a regular basis

Collect bonuses on a regular basis

AFK rewards can accumulate for a maximum of 12 hours. After that time, you will no longer receive rewards, so be sure to collect them every day, or your progress in the game will slow down.

Losing out on a level? Keep trying!

Each level attempt is different from the previous one, all because of the AI and a random set of characteristics such as crits and evasion. Sometimes you might just get unlucky, so if your team is underpowered, there’s always a chance that you’ll accidentally pass a level during your constant attempts.

Improve your heroes equipment

In the early stages of pumping equipment is quite cheap + it increases the statistics of your team. The best way to upgrade a character’s boots is to upgrade them. You can improve them by clicking on an item of equipment on the heroes’ profile page – there will be a blue “Improve” button.

Complete all daily and weekly quests

This may go without saying, but it’s an important thing. Not just for you, but for your guild.

Complete all team quests

Complete all team quests

This is another “obvious” thing worth mentioning. The rewards are good bonuses, among them diamonds.

Don’t buy equipment with diamonds in the early stages

Heroes are much more valuable and harder to get.

But if you really want to buy equipment, there will be a merchant in the secret maze who has equipment at a 40% discount. If you have enough progress in the campaign, the vendor may have legendary and mythical gear.

Remove common heroes (green heroes).

These characters are very weak and mostly useless. For their removal you get an essence, which is used to pump heroes above certain levels and is very important for development.

Complete 100% of every Peaks of Time

The treasure chests in the Peaks of Time mini-adventures contain 5 powerful artifacts. These are unique items that you can’t get anywhere else. There are also other valuable rewards in the chests, so be sure to complete all of the adventures

Buy Epic Hero Soul Stones as early as possible

When you remove heroes, you get compensation in the form of coins, which you can spend in the Casarmes store. It’s best to accumulate enough of them to buy Epic Soul Stones first. Rare Soul Stones are too random, and your chances of getting enough stones for the same hero to make one Epic Stone aren’t really worth it.

Assemble a team with a hero of each class

There are 3 different “classes” in AFK Arena, although they are not actually listed as classes.

They are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

Heroes of each class can only wear equipment in their class. For example, Brutus can only use Latticed Armor and Heavy Weapon, while Vurk relies on Leather Armor and Light Weapon.

If you have none, or too many characters of the same class, this can hinder your progress, as you will not distribute your equipment evenly. If you don’t have any particular class on your team, any equipment you get will basically lie idle in your bag-except to use it as a resource for upgrades.

Also, there is no varied selection of equipment with different characteristics in the game: if the chance of rarity is the same, all heroes of the same class will use the same equipment.

Don’t use fast rewards right away

The quick rewards you get when you first enter the game are related to your campaign progress. The higher your level, the more bonuses you get.

Don’t use them right away, better to wait until you’ve done everything else and try the stage again to increase the benefit of the fast rewards. Comes in handy if you want to maximize your experience/gold/essentials.

Take care of the hourglass

Same principle as with quick rewards. Hourglasses scale with your campaign progress. Save them until you get stuck to maximize the benefits.

You can manually use the hero’s ultimates skill

During battle, the hero’s “ultimates” skill can be turned on by yourself. A useful trick, especially when every second counts. Other skills are passive and processed by the AI.

When heroes of the same faction get together, they get a bonus buff

The minimum requirement for the bonus is 3 heroes of the same faction.

Use AFK Arena codes

Use AFK Arena codes

AFK Arena codes for April 2024 are a set of mixed letters and numbers that you can use in the game to get free rewards. Developer Lilith Games releases them regularly, contrasting codes for special events with others that don’t seem to have an expiration date.

Factions’ strengths and weaknesses affect each other

The principle of Stone, Scissors, and Paper basically applies here. Pay attention to the grouping of enemies, because this can be important knowledge for defeating them.