Anime Clash Enchants Tier List for May 2024

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Hello gamers! If you’re as passionate about the world of Anime Clash on the Roblox platform as I am, then you probably already know that not all enchantments are created equal. In my quest to maximize your battle advantage, I’ve dived into research and compiled an Anime Clash Enchants tier list for you!

Let me share with you some helpful tips to help you improve your team and become a true hero in the world of Anime Clash.

Anime Clash Enchants Tier List

Sure, you can tell the best units from the worst, but remember that the right enchantments can boost that team to unprecedented heights. In my Anime Clash Enchants tier list, all enchantments are ranked from best to worst, helping you make the best choice for your strategy in the Anime Clash game. Good luck in battles, gamers!


  • Overseer (MYTHICAL) – Permanent 20% move cooldown timer and 50% DMG boost.
  • King (MYTHICAL) – Permanent 125% DMG boost. Huge W.
  • Sharpshooter (LEGENDARY) – 20% more range and a 35% boost to DMG.


  • Vampire (MYTHICAL) – Lifesteal with a protracted cooldown.
  • Double Down (MYTHICAL) – This Enchant is chance-based and has a downside after its performance, despite its rarity. When it lands, it is overwhelming, but it is hardly reliable.
  • Predator (RARE) – Decreases an opponent’s health below 50% and increases all DMG delivered to them by 20%.


  • Warrior (LEGENDARY) – 45% DMG boost.
  • Cheapskate (EPIC) – The cost of unit placement is lowered by 50%.
  • Jack of all Trades (EPIC) – 10% stat boost in all areas.


  • Iron Wall (RARE) – +5% HP.
  • Shadow (RARE) – 15% DMG increase, but only at night.

Don’t forget that useful codes are available for Anime Clash, when you use them you can get additional rewards and improvements for your heroes. Use them wisely to take your team to the next level! We also recommend exploring our Anime Last Stand techniques tier list, our Fruit Battlegrounds tier list, and our Anime Rangers tier list.