Anime Racing Clicker codes for May 2024 – boosts

Last Updated on 16.05.2024

Roblox Anime Racing Clicker is a platform-exclusive clicking and racing experience created by Clicker House. In this game, you will click as quickly as you can to increase your speed. Once the race begins, you must run as fast as you can to clear checkpoints and earn currency. You may then use your earnings to buy anime characters to follow you around and assist you in your race!

We have the most up-to-date list of codes for Roblox Anime Racing Clicker for May 2024. If you don’t know how to activate codes in the game, we also explain it in the special section below! Make sure this page is in your favorites by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard, or use the “Add to bookmarks on mobile devices” button to always be among the first to know about new codes!

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Latest Anime Racing Clicker codes

  • HappyHolidays – Boosts – NEW
  • Colossus – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • DevilFruit— 1 Lucky, 1 Shuriken, and 1 XP Potion
  • TrickOrTreat23— 200 Candies
  • HeavenWorld— 1 Lucky, 1 Shuriken, and 1 XP Potion
  • Denji— 1 Lucky, 1 Shuriken, and 1 XP Potion
  • GetPunch – Rewards
  • FairySphere – Rewards
  • WizardKing – 1 Lucky + 1 Shuriken + 1 XP Potions
  • UnagiyaShop – Rewards
  • TailsBeast – 2 Free Shuriken Boosts
  • Visit80M – Rewards
  • LikeGoal65k – Rewards
  • SAOFTW – 3 Potions
  • EggsPlease – 200 Free Eggs
  • Easter2023 – 100 Free Eggs
  • DarkTitan – 2 Free Shuriken Boosts
  • LuckyTime – 2 Free Super Lucky Boost
  • DarkSea – Hero XP Boost
  • DarkDragon – Hero XP Boost
  • Hardcore – Free Lucky Boost
  • Chainsaw – Hero Boost
  • Doubledown – 2 Free Shuriken Boost
  • FreePetPlease – Free Hero
  • ChristmasEvent – 50 free Gingerbread
  • HeroLevelHype – 2x Hero XP Potion
  • VoidOP – Rewards
  • AmazingCommunity – Rewards
  • VisitGoalGoal30M – Rewards
  • LikeGoal30k – Rewards
  • TrickOrTreat – 5 free Candy
  • VisitGoal10M – Rewards
  • LikeGoal10k – Rewards
  • LikeGoal5k – Rewards
  • SpinWheel – Rewards
  • LikeGoal500 – Free Boosts
  • Release – Free Ninja

Expired Anime Racing Clicker codes

There are no expired codes.

How to activate codes

To activate the codes for May 2024 in the game, you just need to do the following steps:

  • Open the game
  • Click on the Twitter button on the side of the screen
  • Copy the code from our list
  • Enter it into the text box
  • Click the “Redeem” button to receive your reward

Make sure you enter the codes exactly as they are shown in our post. If you don’t, you could make a mistake and the code won’t work. If you’ve double-checked the code, and it still doesn’t work, be sure to let us know, so we can tweak the list!

How to always get codes for Anime Racing Clicker one of the first?

Well, of course, the best recipe is to constantly check this page, because we take the responsibility in regularly updating and controlling the relevance of this list of codes.

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