Anime Rifts codes (April 2024) – boosts

Last Updated on 11.04.2024

Anime Rifts is a free anime-fighting Roblox game, which turns out to be one of the platform’s most popular game genres. This game is inspired by a variety of anime shows, most notably Dragon Ball.

Anime Rifts is a Dragon Ball inspired anime game. A new update, like any other good Roblox game, means new codes for April 2024. Anime Rifts is all about collecting power-ups for your characters, neutralizing enemies, and playing with your mates. It’s all Dragon Ball-themed, so if you like the story, this is the game for you. The most recent codes for April 2024 are listed below.

Fighting games based on anime, such as True Piece and Anime Warriors, are extremely competitive, and Anime Rifts is no exception. Players require a large amount of XP and boosts to win battles, which is where Anime Rifts codes for April 2024 come in.

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Valid Anime Rifts codes

  • thankyou – rewards
  • almostback – free double experience
  • fairytailmonth – free double experience
  • keepyourultrainstinctkakarot – double multiplier
  • SubToTaklaman – double multiplier
  • oldbeerusisback – double multiplier
  • yami2out – boosts
  • moredemonslayersoonmaybe – free boosts
  • whydisrespectthegreenman – double multiplier for 30 minutes
  • demonslayersoon – free boost
  • gasstationworker – double multiplier for 30 minutes

Expired Anime Rifts codes


How do you use Anime Rifts codes in Roblox?

To redeem codes for April 2024 in Roblox Anime Rifts, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Launch Roblox Anime Rifts on your computer or mobile device.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, click the Settings button.
  • Select a valid code from the list above.
  • Copy and paste it into the “Enter Code” box.
  • Enter your keyboard shortcut.
  • And you’re finished!

You will instantly receive the reward associated with the code you entered. The codes for April 2024 may also be case-sensitive, so enter them exactly as they appear above.

About Anime Rifts

Anime Rifts, a game that challenges you to take down a series of powerful bosses and liberate nearby towns, allows you to customize and create your very own anime fighter! To begin your journey to victory, you must first choose your ability loadout. These will be used in any duels you find yourself in, and they can be upgraded to become more effective over time. You’ll be able to practice your moves on training dummies in the safe zone before venturing out into the dangerous wilderness, where you’ll be able to put all of your unique abilities and defense strategies to the test.

When you’re ready, head out into one of the available exploration areas, where you’ll encounter a slew of dangerous enemies and bosses to defeat. Level up your stats, including defense, strength, and energy points, to improve your chances of survival as you destroy more and more enemies!