Anime Rising Fighting codes for February 2024 – free potions and boosts

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Anime Rising Fighting gets me in the mood for a decent Roblox game with a pirate theme and no PVP, which is something I enjoy doing occasionally to unwind. While selecting your squad of warriors, leveling them up as you play, and moving up in rank, you may unwind while taking out the bad guys. At first, you don’t think you have the strength to defeat the powerful bosses, but before long, you’re competing with the greatest of them!

You may accomplish this by using Anime Rising Fighting cheat codes, which grant a number of bonuses and hasten the early leveling process. Some codes will only give you free levels, which significantly increases your ability to deal damage. Others will offer you free power or a brief power boost through a potion, which again helps you acquire what you need for those crucial rank-ups more quickly.

You may obtain a variety of in-game goods including boosts and potions while using our Roblox Anime Rising Fighting codes list for February 2024 to kick some serious butt.

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Anime Rising Fighting codes

Active codes for February 2024:

  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN – rewards (new!)
  • TOKYOWORLD – rewards
  • UPDATE8 – rewards
  • REBALANCE – rewards
  • UPDATE7 – rewards
  • BIZAREWORLD – rewards
  • GRIMOIRES – rewards
  • ONEHITMAN – rewards
  • SORRYFORTRIAL – 500 cards
  • SWORDWORLD – rewards
  • UPDATE6 – rewards
  • SAINS – rewards
  • CHAINSAW – rewards
  • TRIALS – rewards
  • 10KLIKES – rewards
  • SORRYFORTRIAL2 – rewards
  • UPDATE4 – rewards
  • HEROWORLD – rewards
  • 2MILLIONVISITS – two luck potions
  • ONEHITMAN – three power potions
  • SORRYFORTIMETRIAL – three power potions
  • GRIMOIRES – three damage potions
  • 1MVISITS – boosts
  • RAGNAROK – boosts
  • 5KLIKES – boosts
  • DARKCLOVER – boosts
  • IHAVEROBLOX – two power potions
  • SRRYFORRAIDS – boosts
  • RAIDREWRITE – boost
  • 2KLIKES – potion boost
  • KAIZEMWORLD – two luck potions
  • ANTWORLD – two damage potions
  • 1KLIKES – boost
  • Release – 100 power

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Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How do I use my codes for Anime Rising Fighting?

You must: in order to use your Anime Rising Fighting codes for February 2024;

  • Start Roblox and Anime Rising Fighting.
  • Click the Twitter symbol.
  • Put in your code.
  • Press redeem.
  • Enjoy your gift!

How can you get more Anime Rising Fighting codes?

Look at the Speed Block Roblox Group created by developer PaidosDev if you’re having trouble finding your own Anime Rising Fighting codes. Join the official Anime Rising Fighting Discord Server if you wish to hunt outside of Roblox. Once you’ve been authenticated there, you may go through channels that cover game announcements, sneak peeks, codes, and prizes.

What are Anime Rising Fighting codes?

Anime Rising Fighting coupons for February 2024 from the creator, Speed Block, provide you access to a variety of in-game goods including boosts and potions. You’d better bookmark this page to remain up to speed with the most recent freebies because new ones frequently release for each milestone reached.