Anime Warriors Simulator 2 codes for February 2024 – free yen, boosts, tokens, and more

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

In the newest Roblox clicker, Anime Warriors Simulator 2, fight alongside legendary heroes! Battle massive bosses with a squad of warriors inspired by well-known action anime series like One Piece and Dragon Ball. Even better, you can team up with pals to raid dungeons full with stronger foes!

Anime Warriors Simulator 2 codes for February 2024 are a terrific method to advance. You may create your ideal squad even more quickly with the free boosts and more yen they provide. Then no adversary in the world will be able to obstruct you!

You can obtain all the boosts you need to gather characters from DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, and more series with our Roblox Anime Warriors Simulator 2 codes.

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New Anime Warriors Simulator 2 codes

Active codes for February 2024:

  • newworld – rewards (NEW)
  • newworld – boosts
  • sorryforupdatedelay – boosts
  • 100klikesomg – boosts

New Anime Warriors Simulator 2 codes

Expired codes

  • fireforcesoon
  • comeupsoon
  • slimecode
  • yaycode
  • almosthere
  • sevendeadlyupdate
  • enjoychainsaw
  • chainsawsoon
  • updaterelease
  • shutdown69
  • SamuraiFixes
  • SamuraiCapital
  • SummerIsland
  • HappySummer
  • SummerPassFixes
  • GuardianFixes
  • BizarreTown
  • 75kLikes!
  • GoldenKingdom
  • MonsterCity
  • WalledDistrict
  • CursedHigh
  • CloverVillage
  • MagicTown
  • AntHideout
  • HeroCity
  • EndlessDomain

How can I use my coupons for Anime Warriors Simulator 2?

You must: in order to use your Anime Warriors Simulator 2 codes for February 2024:

  • Open Anime Warriors Simulator 2 on Roblox.
  • Tap the store icon.
  • Go to codes.
  • Put in your code for February 2024.
  • Press redeem.
  • Appreciate your gift!

Where to get more codes for Anime Warriors Simulator 2?

By just coming back to this website when new codes for Anime Warriors Simulator 2 are available, you can quickly find them! By subscribing to their Twitter account and joining their Discord server, you may also receive fresh codes and updates from the devs.

What are Anime Warriors Simulator 2 codes?

Codes are exclusive to each Roblox experience and are freely redeemable prizes. They’re typically distributed by game creators as a means to express gratitude to gamers for loving their work. Enclamatic Simulators, the creator of Anime Warriors Simulator 2, offers you essential in-game items like boosts through the use of codes. For the latest updates on freebies, bookmark this page. The crew often adds new ones for each milestone reached.