Awaken: Chaos Era – Overview of the best game characters

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Awaken: Chaos Era was recently introduced to players around the world. It is a new turn-based RPG game, the action of which unfolds in a medieval world. It is populated by different heroes, and you will be able to meet them. The game’s developer is Century Games Limited and at the time of writing, the project is in beta testing. Anyone can join the game.

Awaken: Chaos Era features a gacha system. Through it, players get new characters and build their own collections. New characters can be summoned through special banners. The game features the following:

  • Beginner’s Banner
  • Improved Banner
  • Regular Banner
  • Limited Banner.

To summon, players use special in-game currency:

  • Crystal Recruitment
  • Enhanced Appeal Crystal
  • Elemental Summoning Crystal
  • Stardust.

The rarest characters a player can get are legendary ones. The chance of summoning such a hero is 1%. The chance is quite small, but the developers took this into account and made a special system. Each player at the start has a 1% chance of being summoned. If you do not get a legendary character for 70 summonses, their summoning chance is increased by 0.5% when using special crystals and stardust. And also the summoning chance can increase by 1% if you use an improved summoning crystal or stardust. This rule works if you didn’t get a legendary hero in 90 tries. But if your luck is not good this time too, you are guaranteed to get a legendary character for 100 summons.

In the game you will find 5 basic elements:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Light
  • Dark

Of all the 5 elements, the chance of summoning is lowest for heroes with the attribute of darkness or light. This rule applies in many other games.

In this article, we will look at some of the best characters in Awaken: Chaos Era. This information will be especially useful for those who are planning to make a roll in the game.

Awaken: Chaos Era - Best heroes in the game

S level characters


Hydrissea is a legendary character and her element is water. She can be obtained already at the very start of the game through the recruitment call. This is a great choice for fans of battles. She has the highest level of damage in the game and is capable of disarming any opponent, both in the arena and in story mode. This is aided by her powerful AOE skills, dealing massive area damage. Hydrissea also has a passive skill that has a 50% chance to attack all enemies on the terrain when using any skill. However, this passive skill does not activate when using counterattacks. It’s no secret that all players dream of getting it when performing a roll. You can maximize Hydrissea’s damage if you choose your armor and weapons wisely.


Evera is also a legendary character, but she represents the tree element. She, too, can be obtained at the very start of the game through a beginner’s summons. Evera also features a high level of damage, which can be increased by using special skills. She has a lot of interesting skills in her arsenal. One of them is a special boosting skill that increases her attack level. Another skill that comes in handy during combat is the AOE skill. With this skill, you strike a powerful terrain attack, which is equal to 100-200% of the character’s attack level. In addition to attacking enemies, she can remove enhancing effects from them during combat and attack them at the same time. Basically, this character specializes in dealing damage to a single target. So keep this in mind when you go to the battlefield.


Valeria is a legendary character, she represents the element of fire. She can also be obtained at the very start of the game through a rookie summon. Valeria has a high level of attack and is a great choice for hunting enthusiasts. She has a skill that allows her to use skills frequently. The passive skill reduces the cooldown time of all skills by 1 turn after destroying any opponent. With this skill and active AOE skills, she is almost impossible to defeat. She can also sacrifice her health points and deal a lot of damage to enemies with another special skill. She has a skill that restores health points in her arsenal. We recommend to pay attention to this character, and congratulations to those players who are lucky enough to get her for their collection!


Zatlux is an epic character that can be summoned with enhanced summoning crystals or by completing a special quest. The element of this character is a tree. They are probably some of the best representatives of epic heroes. All thanks to the damage and skills he possesses. He has a skill in his arsenal that allows him to reset his skill cooldown when he kills any enemy. The character also has an increased chance of striking a critical hit and an increased accuracy rating. With his skill, he can deal 200% damage to a certain target and increase his attack for a while. In the development of the character, we advise focusing on increasing the chance of a critical hit, so that you can destroy as many opponents per battle as possible. Getting this character is easy enough. That’s what makes him such a valuable character in the game.


Gangelo is a legendary hero, the elemental tree. He can be summoned with enhanced summoning crystals. Gangelo has a passive skill with which he deals 50% more damage to enemies using poison. This skill can be improved, and the effect can be increased from 50% to 100%. This is something to keep in mind. All of his abilities impose a negative poison effect on other characters, as they are applied using poison. Gangelo can heal himself with poison. The level of health restored depends on the degree of infection of the enemy. He also has an AOE skill that deals area damage and poisoning to all enemies, with an effect time of 2 turns. In combination with some characters, he will be useful because he can increase the attack level of the team.

Evelyn Firstdawn

Evelyn Firstdawn is a legendary hero, the element of light. You can get it through summoning with the help of upgraded summoning crystals. She is ideal for battles in the arena and not only. Unfortunately, the chance to get this character is not very high. You can say that it is one of the rarest characters in the game. With her passive skill, she increases her allie’s defense by 3 turns. Her main ability is a powerful single-target attack. In addition to high damage, this skill can remove positive skills from the target. She also has an AOE skill that damages and imposes a negative effect on opponents and reduces their defense for 2 turns. The main damage is a special skill that deals powerful damage to enemies and gives a bonus move to all allies, increasing the team’s combat power several times over.

A-Level Characters


Santis is an epic water elemental hero who can be summoned with enhanced summoning crystals. Santis is a master of venomous attacks. She can deliver multiple venom attacks against multiple enemies at once. This is possible thanks to her passive skill, which gives an additional 50% chance to deliver a poison attack to enemies if the enemy is already infected. She has an AOE skill that deals area-based damage and applies a poison effect to all opponents in the area. Among other abilities you will find a skill that allows you to infect other opponents if one of them already has a negative effect.


Myla is an epic character that can be summoned with enhanced summoning crystals or through the Rookie Banner. The element of this character is water. This character would be a perfect addition to any team. With her passive skill, she can freeze opponents with a 30% chance for 1 turn each time she attacks an opponent. The chance of this skill increases by 10% for each negative effect applied to the opponent. Therefore, it is indispensable for teams that specialize in negative effects. The main skill is to deal targeted damage and reduce the opponent’s defense with a 50% chance. Among the enhancing skills, you will find a skill that can be used to increase your defense during combat. You can activate this skill only when a negative effect is applied to the opponent. It also has an AOE skill that strikes the area. The peculiarity of this skill is that the damage to the enemy increases depending on the number of negative skills on it.


Connor is an elite fire elemental hero who can be summoned with enhanced summoning crystals or a special quest. This hero will be of interest not only to players who invest real money in character development, but also to players who prefer to develop heroes without any investment. His skill set surpasses that of even some legendary heroes. With his passive skill, the character increases his attack level by 20%. He also has a healing skill that restores health points of all team members. The higher the strength level of the hero, the more health points he restores. And this skill recharges in only 4 turns, but there is a way to reduce the recharge time. With another skill, he can use the AOE skill and increase his defense for 2 turns. With another skill, he can put a negative skill on opponents, which will weaken their defense and make them vulnerable to allied attacks.


Zachary is an elite fire elemental hero who can be summoned with enhanced summoning crystals after completing levels 1-3 of the main story campaign. Zachary has AOE skills that deal awesome damage. This character would be a great addition to battles and monster hunts. Thanks to his passive skill, he can deal an additional 50% damage to all enemies after destroying the target. His AOE skill deals 150% damage to all enemies. The fewer enemies on the battlefield, the more damage the enemies on the battlefield take. This ability can also be enhanced with other basic skills.

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