Bad Business codes for April 2024 – credits

Last Updated on 13.04.2024

Bad Business is a dynamic Roblox FPS game developed by Team Rudimentality. Choose between a variety of weapons, customize your character and fight other players. Run and shoot in different game modes and see if you can keep your place on the leaderboard. Earn free mascots, skins and credits, and other in-game bonuses using our list of Bad Business codes for April 2024 below.

Codes for Bad Business Roblox for April 2024 are a free and easy way to get in-game bonus rewards. Developers often release new codes, whether it’s a content update or when the game goes to the next level. If you want to stay up to date on all the latest codes, you can add this page to your bookmarks by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard and check it daily.

Bad Business – stylish multiplayer first-person shooter in Roblox, with lots of weapons and colorful battles. The game is dedicated to finding weapons and ammunition, and using them to ruthlessly destroy enemies. In Bad Business, there are many opportunities to choose your style of play. There’s no such thing as a bad play tactic; if you have a submachine gun, you’ll look out from around corners, crouch behind crates and hide in many small holes and niches. If you have a long-range weapon, when engaging enemies you’ll find a high place or browsable corridors before the enemies can spot you. Many more combat tactics you can use with new weapons, that can be improved with codes. You can use Bad Business codes for April 2024 from our website to get money, which will help you buy more items and other improvements.

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Working Bad Business codes

  • FUNFORALL—2k Credits (New)
  • SIGILSNIPE – Free Credits
  • WEARESOBACK— 2k Credits
  • saturdayupdatelol – Credits
  • LABORDAY – Credits
  • 400MILLION – 2,000 CR
  • SUMMER2023 – 2,000 CR
  • PRIDE – 2023 pride heart charm
  • 4THYEAR – 2,000 CR
  • AQUAWARRIOR – 2,000 CR
  • RADICAL – 2,000 CR
  • RIPMAC10 – 2,000 CR
  • ARENAMAN – free 2,000 CR and an Arena Man charm
  • GREENGUN – 2,000 CR
  • wildaces – Wildaces charm
  • theboys – All Might T skin
  • KACHING – 2,000 CR
  • Doodledarko – Doodle Darko charm
  • Huz_Gaming – Huz Gaming charm
  • ZYLIC – Zylic charm
  • THEBOYS – All Might T weapon skin
  • Unicorn – VR Goggles
  • viking – Bearded Muscle charm
  • doge – Doge charm
  • ADOPTME – five Adopt Me stickers
  • mbu – Bearded Muscle charm
  • juke – BigBrainJuke charm
  • blue – BlueGrassMonkey charm
  • fr0gs – FreeTheFr0gs charm
  • godstatus – GodStatus charm
  • notvirtuo0z – ImMinty charm
  • gun – Jup charm
  • lecton – Lecton Gaming charm
  • mulletmafia – Mullets charm
  • pet – PetrifyTV charm
  • r2 – R_2M charm
  • ruddevmedia – Ruddev Media charm
  • syn – SynthesizeOG charm
  • xtrnal – Xtrnal charm
  • Z_33 – Zekro_3300 charm

Working Bad Business codes

Expired codes

  • moon

Where do I enter Bad Business codes?

  • Activating codes in Bad Business is very simple, in the main menu you will see four buttons with icons on them, one of which looks like a gift, click this button.
  • Then click on the box labeled “Enter Code…” enter one of the codes listed above, and click “Redeem”.

What are Bad Business codes?

Team Rudimentality, the game’s developer, releases Bad Business codes for April 2024. New codes are frequently provided around holidays or when the game reaches a certain milestone. Unfortunately, we do not have a code release timetable, however we will keep this page updated as new codes become available.