Beekeepers Codes – free Royal Jelly, Honey, Boosts, Treats, and more (September 2023)

Last Updated on 04.09.2023

Since Roblox Beekeepers is an online game in the casual genre, it is ideal for those who enjoy playing games in the casual category. This page will provide you with comprehensive information about the Roblox Beekeepers game, as well as details on the game’s redeem codes for September 2023 that have been made available by the developers.

The bee is one of the tiniest animals in nature, however despite its diminutive size, the bee plays a crucial role in nature. Since bees are the only source of honey, people have a strong affinity for bees. Whenever the word “bee” crosses our minds, the image of honey also begins to appear with it. The Beekeepers game on Roblox is perfect if you enjoy bees and honey.

You take on the character of a Beekeeper in the casual game Roblox Beekeepers. You can create a hive and raise insects like bees, butterflies, and caterpillars if you become a beekeeper. In this game, your goal is to gather as many insects as you can using the many tools that are available to you. As you advance in the game, new gears will become available to you. In this game, you can explore the pitch-black caves and find the caves’ hidden treasures.

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In Beekeepers, as in the majority of Roblox games, you can use specific codes for September 2023 to get rewards, and this guide lists them. You need to use the codes before they run out because they will also have expiration dates.

New Beekeepers codes

Latest codes for September 2023:

  • spookytime—3 Glow Fungus Stew, 1 Yellow Iced Treat, 1 Infused Royal Jelly, and a Forest Field Boost (New)
  • exoticoopsie—1 Mystical Royal Jelly (New) 
  • jellyjellyjelly—3 Royal Jellies and 1 Infused Royal Jelly
  • mysticalmadness—1 Mystical Jelly
  • absolutelyinsane1m—Treats and Boosts
  • sorryfortheshutdown—1 Yellow Iced Treat and 2 Daffodil Field Boosts
  • 250kvisits—24 hour Party Boost, 3 White Iced Treats, and a Legendary Royal Jelly!
  • noway100k—1 Infused Royal Jelly, 1000 Honey
  • thnxsausages—Free Rewards
  • buzzybakery—1 Red Iced Treat, 1 White Iced Treat, 1 Blue Iced Treat.
  • oink—1 Royal Jelly
  • onge—10 Orange
  • convertercode—1 Royal Jelly, 1 Pocket Converter, 400 Honey
  • brick—1,337 Honey
  • 538213—1 Infused Royal Jelly

New Beekeepers codes

Expired Beekeepers codes

  • There are currently no expired codes!

Where to find more Beekeepers! codes

Joining the Beekeepers is the greatest method to receive extra codes! Server for Discord. The best way to obtain extra Beekeepers codes is through this. Additionally, keep an eye on this page for updates when new codes are made available!

What is Beekeepers!

Beekeepers! is a game about the fascinating world of bees. Create your own hive and go on an adventure to discover butterflies, caterpillars, and other creatures. To improve your hive and equipment and rise to the top beekeeper in the world, use honey and jelly. Along the journey, reward yourself with some energizing snacks.