[TOP] Best Roblox games in 2024: List of the most popular and good games

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

What are the best Roblox games for April 2024? The best not only in terms of entertainment for children, but also as a tool to develop creativity and implement their own ideas? Let’s find out!

Roblox is a platform for creating massively multiplayer online games, and since it’s very easy to make something interesting and cool here, there are millions of all kinds of projects to have fun with. These player-created creations let you experience the existential threat of a natural disaster, try your hand at making pizza, and take a break from it all in a peaceful underwater expedition.

From simulators to RPGs and managers, we’ve selected the list of best Roblox games for April 2024 to enjoy with over 100 million users worldwide. Think of it like Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet mixed together and combined into an entire platform.

Since there are more games in the local gaming catalog than any one person could possibly handle, we decided to find these uncut diamonds of folk art, and make sure they get the recognition they deserve. Below, you can learn about the best Roblox games and get a closer look at this exciting platform.

TOP Roblox games in 2024

Roblox is a platform where users can create their own games and share them with other people. The year 2024 is right around the corner, so it’s time for us to share with you our selection of the best Roblox games of this year.

Read this article to find the most fun and entertaining games for April 2024 on the platform.

Roblox Doors redeem codes - free knobs and a revives


This creepy Roblox game is gaining momentum in the community – a creepy hotel escape game known as Doors. The goal of the game is to get out of the haunted hotel by going through many doors, but soon you will find a lot of enemies that will hinder your progress. Our guide to the Doors codes in Roblox will help you get even more benefits and, possibly, get out of the hotel once and for all.

Working Anime Fighters codes

Anime Fighters 

Don’t let the name confuse you, because this is not a fighting game, but a game in which you find and assemble different fighters to send them to fight against a multitude of enemies very similar to Pokémons or other similar creatures. It’s always fun to watch your fighter punch, kick, and crush the enemies in his path in Anime Fighters.

As you continue to fight, your characters will level up and unlock upgrades that expand their capabilities and help them reach their full potential. Will you be able to find the best fighters and pump them up to the max? Anime Fighters codes on pocket-codes.com will help you with this.

Valid Anime Story codes

Anime Story

In Anime Story, the most exciting anime adventure, you will find a bunch of amazing anime abilities. Create your character, unlock abilities and awakenings, create equipment and defeat bosses to become the strongest fighter in the universe. If you are ready to find out what your story will be, go to our Anime Story codes and get some bonuses.

All Star Tower Defense codes - stardust, gems, and more

All Star Tower Defense

All Star Tower Defense is not only one of the many anime-themed Roblox games, but also one of the best Roblox games in general. Using characters from your favorite anime series, fight off waves of enemies and learn new skills along the way. Take a look at our list of All Star Tower Defense codes if you need free ones.

Combat Warriors codes for April 2024 – free spins, credits and more

Combat Warriors

Inspired by games like Blood Flow and Criminality, Combat Warriors is exactly what you’d expect: a bloodbath involving melee and ranged weapons. Sometimes you just need to vent your frustration, and Combat Warriors offers the perfect arena for that. Are you ready to step into the ring and fight with some of the coolest Roblox fighters? Then check out our Combat Warriors codes and go for the victory.

New Da Hood codes

Da Hood

Da Hood is an amazing sandbox role-playing game that revolves around the good old “criminals vs cops” theme. Collect money, weapons and choose the role of an officer or a gang member, protecting the city or bringing chaos to the surrounding space. If you like this game, check out our Da Hood codes to get awesome free prizes.

Anime Adventures codes

Anime Adventures

In the Anime Adventures game you have to collect various anime characters from games such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Sword Art Online and others. In the tower defense genre game, you use these heroes to defend your base. Be sure to check out our Anime Adventures codes for more information.

Project Slayers codes

Project Slayers

The goal of the Project Slayers game is simple: you have to fight fierce enemies and explore a huge map full of secrets that you can stumble upon. This game was created based on the popular anime and manga Demon Slayer, so if you are a fan of them, we recommend you try this Roblox game.

Be sure to check out our Project Slayers codes, which will give you a lot of rewards.

Pet Simulator X codes - free coins, diamonds, boosts, and more

Pet Simulator X

The best Roblox game for interesting friends is Pet Simulator X. In this custom game you collect eggs from which a variety of creatures can hatch – from perfect puppies to dragons, unicorns and other mythical creatures. So if you’ve always dreamed of having your own zoo, use our Pet Simulator X codes and start playing.

Weapon Fighting Simulator codes – free pet eggs, boosts, spirit stones, and more

Weapon Fighting Simulator

Pick up your swords and get ready for a raid in the world of knife fighting Weapon Fighting Simulator. As you may have guessed, this game is dedicated to what you keep in your arsenal and expanding your collection of edged weapons. Check out our Weapon Fighting Simulator codes to start collecting a new collection of swords and start playing one of the best Roblox games.

New Slayers Unleashed codes

Slayers Unleashed

Experience the world of Demon Slayer in block form in the game Slayers Unleashed. In this game, you have to fight with various demons and dojo masters to become the greatest warrior on earth. If you want to start your adventure with a bang, use our Slayers Unleashed codes to get access to beautiful weapons and power-ups.

Adopt Me! Codes

Adopt Me!

Everyone loves cute animals, and the game “Adopt Me!” is based on this love. On the island of “Adopt Me!” you can build a house, collect pets, and then dress them up at will according to various themes. It’s a simple formula, but what has worked in tens of thousands of YouTube videos will surely work here. If you want to find out which cute companions are available in one of the best Roblox games, take a look at our Adopt Me codes.

All King Legacy codes

King Legacy

Want even more anime-inspired Roblox experiences? In King Legacy, you will set sail through a One Piece-based world in search of new lands, other pirates, and sweet, sweet loot. If you don’t want to set sail without the treasures that are already in your chest, use our King Legacy codes to stock up on the salty sea.

Survive the Killer codes – slycers, knives, chains, and free coins

Survive the Killer!

An asymmetrical survival horror game in which one player becomes the killer and the others become the survivors. The objective of the assassin is to catch and kill as many players as possible before time runs out. Players as survivors must work together to escape to safety.

As you probably already understood from the description, the matches in Survive the Killer are full of tension, fear and raise the adrenaline level of players, which makes it one of the most exciting games in this list. This game will definitely appeal to you, especially if you’re into games like Dead by Daylight. Be sure to use our Survive the Killer codes.

Shindo Life codes

Shindo Life

This popular Naruto style game was originally called Shinobi Life 2, the spiritual heir of the original. But even though the game had to change its name to Shindo Life, it is still very popular. You create your own anime-themed fighter and fight opponents using spins to get new bloodlines that endow you with special abilities. For the latest free spins, check out our list of Shindo Life codes.

Valid Anime Fighting Simulator codes

Anime Fighting Simulator

Have you ever wanted to live out your favorite anime fights? Anime Fighting Simulator will probably let you get as close to this as you’ll ever be able to – without performing special Saitama exercises. Train your mind and body by fighting powerful bosses, unlocking swords and special abilities to defeat them in one of the best Roblox games for any anime fan. You can also get the latest free yen and shards of chikara with our list of codes for Anime Fighting Simulator.

Blox Fruits codes

Blox Fruits

Become a pirate and go to the open oceans, fighting powerful enemies and bosses in the Blox Fruits game. To help all beginners, we have created a handy guide with Blox Fruits codes so that you can easily pass one of the best Roblox games.

Bee Swarm Simulator codes – boosts, buffs, honey and tickets

Bee Swarm Simulator

Who doesn’t love bees? They give us sweets, make a funny sound, and help spread almost all kinds of flowers. But it’s much harder to control them because they tend to, you know, sting people in Bee Swarm Simulator. If you want to advance quickly in the game and grow some healthy hives, Bee Swarm Simulator codes are the best way to do it.

And these are the best Roblox games for 2024 – in our humble opinion! If you want to get free cosmetics, check out our list of Roblox promo codes.


You can find a huge variety of custom games on Roblox, and each of them can attract its own potential fan. For April 2024, all of the games discussed in this article can definitely be considered the best. In them, it’s easy to find everything that Roblox users who run the app expect. The games are worth evaluating on their own in order to choose the most interesting option for yourself.