Bitcoin Miner codes for April 2024 – boosts

Last Updated on 07.04.2024

We simply lack the resources to mine cryptocurrencies, which is an expensive and resource-intensive endeavor. Few people are capable of putting everything together by themselves, but Roblox allows us to recreate that experience. We set up our very own mining operation while playing the Roblox Bitcoin Miner game, updated it, and then sold the extracted cryptocurrency for in-game money.

Every little bit helps, and codes might be especially useful to launch your operation. You can use codes for April 2024 in Roblox Bitcoin Miner to earn bonuses and exclusive products that can improve your Bitcoin mining office’s performance or aesthetic appeal. Here is a list of all active and inactive codes for the Roblox Bitcoin Miner.

Bitcoin Miner may be the right Roblox game for you if you want to start using cryptocurrencies but lack the necessary finances. You begin with an empty plot of land that you must fill with countless racks of video cards in order for them to automatically mine currency for you. Sell that to get money, so you can improve your system!

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Updated Bitcoin Miner codes

  • 77U8 – Super Mining Boost
  • 22XD – Super Mining Boost
  • E7R6 – Super Mining Boost
  • SandFloor – turn the floor into sand (for your land)
  • FreeLvl –  one free level-up
  • extra – Starter Electricity Box
  • GPUBoost – Super Mining Boost
  • RockBoost – Super Mining Boost
  • BoosterCode – Super Mining Boost
  • 43DB – Super Mining Boost
  • NewLampBoost – Super Mining Boost
  • KB34 – Super Mining Boost
  • B7FQ – Super Mining Boost
  • ThxFor2M— limited Card
  • 54L5—Super Mining Boost
  • UGCUpdate—Super Mining Boost
  • B7FQ— a Super Mining Boost
  • thxfor150M— a 150M Visits Card
  • KB34— a Super Mining Boost
  • NewLampBoost— a Super Mining Boost
  • 6wio— a Super Mining Boost
  • 45dz— a Super Mining Boost
  • 43DB— a Super Mining Boost
  • BoosterCode— a Super Mining Boost
  • GreenWall— 5x Hedge
  • RockBoost— a Super Mining Boost
  • LightningSpeed— a Super Mining Boost
  • PowerfulBoost— a Super Mining Boost
  • PurplePrism— 5x Hedge
  • StoneBoost— a Super Mining Boost
  • GPUBoost— a Super Mining Boost
  • AnotherBlock— a Concrete Block
  • extra— Starter Electricity Box
  • FreeLvl— One Level Up
  • SandFloor—Redeem to turn the floor into sand

Expired codes

  • Week3
  • WeekIV
  • RGBUpdate
  • NotATrashcan
  • NewUI

How to redeem Bitcoin Miner codes?

In Bitcoin Miner, redeeming codes is simple.

  • Start Roblox’s Bitcoin Miner.
  • After leaving the starting area, locate the orange kiosk with the CODES sign.
  • To use the CODES window, approach it and press E.
  • The working code for April 2024 should be copied and pasted into the Enter Code Here! text box.
  • Press the blue Redeem button.

How can I obtain more codes for Bitcoin Miner?

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when or where new codes will be provided because updates for Bitcoin Miner aren’t released on a regular basis, as is the case with other experiences. Checking back with this post, following Poland Game Builders, the team behind Bitcoin Miner, on Twitter, and signing up for the Bitcoin Miner Discord server are the best ways to remain current on codes. A free in-game exchange incentive is available to those who additionally join the polandgamebuilders Roblox group

What is Roblox Bitcoin Miner?

The goal of the Roblox simulation game Bitcoin Miner is to simulate mining for the well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In this experience, players can unlock and gather numerous GPUs, generators, decorations, and other items to create their own Bitcoin-mining setup. Along with exploring the distinctive environment of Bitcoin Miner, players can level up special powers, complete missions, engage in social interaction and trade, and level up unique talents.