Black Desert Online Complete Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

When the information about Black Desert appeared in the public domain, by which we could judge what the developers will present us, it became clear at once, that the game will be the next global event of the year.

And it was indeed so: a lot of gaming portals extolled the game, wrote guides on it, posted information from the Korean servers and shared the most intimate.

Black Desert Tips and Tricks 

Black Desert Tips and Tricks

In Black Desert, everyone can play, you do not even need any special knowledge and skills. Enough to understand the initial aspects of the game, and you can go save the world.

It’s time to dive into a unique and interesting world and find out which class to choose in Black Desert to become the strongest warrior or wizard in the universe.

Classes, races and family: how not to make a mistake when creating a character

Before the hard journey, you need to decide on your gender and class affiliation. Yes, great warriors always start there. In Black Desert, the classes are tied to the gender and has its own characteristics. This is quite a strange and uncomfortable policy in many Korean games, but what can you do.

The characters in BDO are very beautiful and unique. You won’t find two characters that are the same. Due to the fact that there are builds in the game, one and the same class can be the exact opposite of another.

After selecting a class, you will need to determine the constellation. And that’s where newcomers ask their second question: “Which constellation is best to choose in BDO?”

Here you decide for yourself by studying the description of each one. Remember that your character’s character, personality, and level of interaction with various NPCs depend on your choice of constellation.

There is also such a thing as a “family” in the game. All characters that are created on the same account have the same last name and are in a “family bond”. Yes, yes, it will not be possible to play “mask show” and switch between characters, being good at one and bad at the other.

“Clothes and level” – how to quickly level up and dress up in the game

The main way to pump and equip your character – it’s tasks and farming. After creating a character you will find yourself in the starting location Black Desert, where to start your journey through the quests will be quite easy. Good thing there is a guide, prompting and explaining what to do, where to go and what to press.

Character progression – you can never stop

The main thing you need to know about BDO – you will be pumping till you’re old. No, not for a long time, there is no cap in the game, so it’s possible that in 10 years there will be level 999 characters around you who can wreck the whole map with one strike.

The pumping itself is divided into two stages: up to 50 and after 50. We have prepared a little information for you, so that you quickly get to all the most interesting in the game and join the global battles.

  • 1 – 20: Complete starting quests and swing at Balenos. Kill wolves, foxes, martens, bugs, and anything else that comes your way. This is not only a fresh experience, but also a tasty loot.
  • 20-30: It’s a good time to change the location to the Eastern lands. In the South there will be ruins and swamps. Bypassing the various Raid Bosses (no, don’t try to beat them, it won’t work, we tried) kill all the trash around.
  • 30-33: To the west of the town of Glissy there are cute pig-orcs – these are your friends for the next couple of days.
  • 33-37: Now move north and kill the bandits.
  • 37-41: Move to the forest of Bree and also kill anything that moves or could move there.
  • 41-45: Slowly move west and start killing goblins and trolls, there are also zombies, but very few.
  • 45-50: To the south of the city there is a village called Kaplan, and behind it there are wild forest monsters. This is where you will spend your life until level 50.

Leveling up from 1 to 50 takes about a month. Further into your life come mass events, battles, PvP and other delights of MMORPG.

Levels – it’s good, but where to farm swag in BDO? The best option – is to try on everything that suits the characteristics and falls from the monsters that you kill. In addition, a good piece of equipment will be given for the completion of story quests. Of course, not top-end, but the optimal pumping on the route we set will be enough to head.

Separate mention should also be made of the costumes in BDO. You can buy them in the store, at an auction, get them as a gift or craft them. Costumes in the game are not only pretty dress, but also good stats. That’s why it will be hard to play without them. Moreover, experienced players have three or more suits, each of which helps them in battle or trade.

Gold, gold, how to become the richest in the game

Playing in Black Desert Online, sooner or later there is the thought of how to earn silver quickly and as much as possible. Of course, so many temptations: mounts, ships, suits, new equipment.

We’ll tell you about 7 fast ways that allow you to exaggerate your wallet and not to save on buying lats for your character.

Method # 1 – Use your slaves

The earliest way to make money that you can actively use, starting at level 10. Yes, yes, you will be given slaves, who will haul totems, extract gold and various useful ingredients. The cost of this method is minimal, and the investment itself is quite durable.

It is best to take goblins as slaves. Goblins are gold, lots of gold, lots of gold.

Method #2 – Collect everything you can collect

Okay, we collect almost everything. First you need to pump up the collecting and work points to the maximum level, and then go collect quartz and gems. Then the loot can be sold in the market, auction, or you can craft some item.

In addition, you can collect blood and meat. The first is needed for alchemy, and the second to pump cooking in Black Desert.

Method #3 – Fishing by night and day

Fishing is a way to farm and rock while you sleep or work. How do I automatically fish in Black Desert? Just walk up to any body of water, cast your rod and catch a couple of fish. An autofishing icon will appear above your head, and you can go about your business.

The only thing, you need to keep an eye on the condition of your fishing rod – its failure will lead to the fact that your character will stop doing this fascinating occupation.

Method #4 – Recycle and recycle again

People don’t have enough job points to recycle materials. You can do it for them and make some pretty decent money. But don’t forget to count your profits, because money likes to count.

So, for example, you can create bars of gold. If you don’t know what we need gold bars in Black Desert, then you are missing the point. They are used to create the houses and other expensive items in the game.

Method #5 – You have to know how to trade too

Every online game has a way of making money when you do nothing and the money goes. Yes, yes, we’re talking about selling, reselling, and re-selling right now. Bargain, get the lowest prices, take your goods to another city, bargain and there – it’s your money and your profit.

Method #6 – Crafting

You can craft anything: boats, wagons, food and armor. The easiest and most profitable is imperial cooking, but it still needs to be pumped.

Method #7 – Feel like a farmer

Another AFC way to make money for your character. Put up a fence, plant seeds, harvest, sell and everything in a circle. All in all, boring, depressing, but profitable.

Mounts in Black Desert Online – make a friend

Pets in BDO – this is a separate topic that requires a whole guide, but we will try to briefly talk about them, so you have a general idea.

Where can I get a pet in Black Desert?

There are two ways to get pets:

  • buy at an auction in any major city;
  • buy one in-game store for real money.

All pets have passive and active skills, but the main task is to collect loot from monsters. On top of that, they know how to agitate monsters, so you’re not running after them all over the map. However, this is available to pets after crossing.

You can cross pets in Black Desert if you have two pets in your bag. In exchange, you will get one more powerful and advanced.

Water transport – conquer the sea and become pirates

Where to go without ships? That’s right – nowhere. That’s why you can build your own raft, ship or a whole ship and go travelling in the sea abyss.

To make ships in Black Desert you will need resources, manpower, lots of time and of course axe.

After building, be sure to register your transport in any major city, and you can go forward on the sea.

In fact, the world of BDO is huge and diverse. You can find something to your liking. Want to fight? There’s a developed system of GvG, PvP and siege. Like to sit quietly and do your own thing? Craft, cooking and gardening are waiting in the wings. Everyone can understand the game, the main thing would be the desire.


Where to find codes for Black Desert Online?

You can find codes for Black Desert Online for April 2024 by clicking here.

How do I activate the node?

Find the NPC responsible for managing the node, select “Logistics,” and click “Contribute Influence Points”.

Where to find a riding pet?

You can get a donkey for completing a task from the Black Spirit, and the horse can be bought at auction or in the store.

My experience stopped at 49 and 99.99%, what to do?

The transition to level 50 is available after completing the task of summoning the spirit of Velmorn. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be able to level up further.

How to get a fairy in BDO?

The fairy can be obtained at level 52, after completing the task “Hexa Marie”, which is at the Black Spirit.

Is Black Desert good for solo players?

Yes, Black Desert Absolutely caters to the casual/solo crowd.