Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG – Tips and tricks for beginners

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Call of Antia is a new and quite interesting project that combines many game elements from different genres. All of them create a unique hybrid of features. In this game, you will find both the simplicity of the three-in-a-row genre and the complexity of an RPG with gacha elements. For some players, this may be new and there is a chance that the game will confuse them. Where to start then? That’s why we wrote this article, to dispel all your doubts and try to answer all the questions of newcomers.

You’ll also find a brief overview of some of the basic Call of Antia features, so you’re sure to have no problems at the start of the game.

Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG Beginner's Guide

The basics of the combat system

The battles themselves in Call of Antia are actually one of the most interesting aspects of the game. The combat system is quite simple. You fight against an army of enemies using three-in-a-row mechanics. How does this work? Every time you combine three or more objects, they turn into projectiles that deal damage directly to enemies. The basic idea is to combine enough objects to defeat the enemy team.

However, the enemies do not sleep! As you pick up objects and try to unite them, the enemies will actively advance and try to attack you. Try not to let your enemies get too close quickly. If your army gets a lot of damage, you’ll lose the battle. Try to use powerful combos and trigger chain reactions to deal as much damage to the enemy army as possible and win.

Your characters can use powerful skills in combat. Before you can use such skills, you need to get an energy boost. You get it each time you create combinations of objects of the same color. Once a skill is charged and ready, you can use it by clicking on your character. Some of these skills can turn the tide of battle if used correctly. So it is important to know what each one does and when to use them.

The last thing you should pay attention to is that projectiles fly out of the place where you create the combo. If you create a combo in the far right corner of the board, your attacks will only be directed at enemies above that area of the board. So be careful! Try to build combos only in places where you really need to.

As a rule of thumb, vertical combos are best. However, if you want to hit multiple enemies in one turn, use horizontal combos. And don’t forget to use your skills. Try to do as many combos and chain reactions as possible to get a charge to activate skills.

Matching Elements

Like other three-in-a-row games, the objects on the field in Call of Antia are different colors. There are five colors in total. These colors represent the different elements. Also, the characters in the game represent each of these elements. So when you create a combination of a particular color, only the characters that match the color of the combination will attack and receive energy.

It is important to note that each element has an opposite to it, that is, an element against which it is weak or vice versa strong. How the elements interact with each other:

  • Red defeats Green.
  • Green defeats Blue.
  • Blue beats Red.
  • Purple and yellow are opposed to each other. They only deal damage to each other and do not interact with other elements.

Take these features into account in combat. For more effective combat, try to make combinations with objects of those elements that are suitable for your characters. For example, if you combine three blue objects, but you don’t have heroes of this element in your team, you will simply lose a turn. Let’s stop here and discuss this point in more detail.

Tips for team building

Don’t forget that Call of Antia is first and foremost an RPG, which means that there are several factors to consider when forming teams.

A team can consist of up to five characters. When forming a team, it is important to consider the characteristics of each character. It is also important to consider the combination of elements of each hero.

For example, if your team will have representatives of all the elements, then your each combination will lead to a successful attack. But you can always take a risk and include in your team several characters of the same elements. That way, you will be able to boost the energy of not only one character, but several at once. This will allow you to use the active skills of these characters on the battlefield. The disadvantage is that every time you make a combination of elements that you don’t have on your team, you actually lose a turn.

What tactics to use on the battlefield is up to you. You can take a risk and make a team of one element and inflict powerful damage on the enemy, or choose a safer option and include the representatives of several elements in your team. For the beginners, we recommend choosing the last option, because it is the safest and the most effective. You will always have a chance to strike back at your opponent. We recommend using the teams of one element only for the particular stages, where you need the maximum damage. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to overpower your enemies in just a couple of turns.

Building and Developing Cities

Call of Antia not only includes three-in-a-row or gacha RPG game mechanics. Players will also enjoy other features of the game that will allow them to mine resources offline.

As in Rise of Kingdoms, State of Survival, in Call of Antia you have to build your own city. You will be able to control it and develop it as you play. Inside the city, you can build many structures that will produce resources for you. Among these you’ll find: Camps (experience potions), Quarries (stone) and Mines (gold). The resources that can be obtained from these structures are shown in brackets. You can control them from your Castle, which can be upgraded. The better your Castle, the more areas will be available for building. You can also upgrade your buildings. After that, you will be able to get more resources.

Among these buildings, you can find one, thanks to which you can send your units to complete missions. This place is called the House. After completing missions, your heroes will receive experience, gold and other game resources. Furthermore, when you improve the House, your squads will be able to send your squads on missions with a higher rating. Not only will you receive gold and experience for these quests, but you will also receive more attractive rewards.

Don’t worry if you don’t find some of the heroes in your squad after you send them on missions. You can still use them in combat, even then. Thus, castle is a way to earn extra resources for free.

By using the castle and the resources you get there, you can advance quickly and easily in Call of Antia. Also, at the beginning of the game, there is a chance to get powerful characters to help you get through the initial missions.

Call of Antia codes - free gold, gems and XP

List of Call of Antia codes

There are working codes for Call of Antia for April 2024, which can be exchanged for diamonds, energy, gold and other bonuses. Gift codes for Call of Antia are published by the developers in different social networks, and you can also find codes on the website