Clover Retribution codes for April 2024 – spins

Last Updated on 11.04.2024

A Roblox game called Clover Retribution draws inspiration from the Japanese anime series Black Clover, which is based on Yūki Tabata’s manga of the same name. Two orphan boys, Asta and Yuno, are the focus of this novel, which is set in a magical realm where magic is everything. While Asta is one of the rare people who was not born with any magical abilities, Yuno is incredibly gifted in the magical arts. The goal of both brothers, in spite of this, is to become the Wizard King—the most powerful mage in the Clover Kingdom. As they develop, they join opposing magical guilds and start a friendly yet fierce competition in an effort to realize their common goal.

In Clover Retribution, codes for April 2024 grant you free spins to modify your race, change your magic type, or acquire a new trait that should increase your power in the game!

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New Clover Retribution codes

  • santaiscoming—10 Spins of every type
  • 37klikes—12 Magic Spins
  • mobilestats—Stat Reset
  • !communitycode – 120 magic spins
  • !36klikes – 12 race spins
  • insomnia—5 Magic Spins
  • 34klikes— 25 Trait Spins
  • !32klikes – 10 spins of every type
  • !update2soon – 20 spins of every type
  • !clovergoal – 30 race spins
  • !30klikes – 10 Spins of Each type
  • !cloverthanks – 12 magic spins
  • !28klikes – 10 spins of every type
  • !update1 – 20 Spins of all types
  • !raremagic – Redeem code to spin your magic as soon as it’s used
  • !rarerace – Redeem code spin your race as soon as it’s used
  • !spiritssoon – 25 magic spins
  • !timestats – Redeem code to reset statpoints
  • !update1part1 – 20 Spins of all types
  • !drdwert – free rewards
  • !miniupdatelater – free rewards
  • !14klikes— 5 Trait Spins
  • !12klikes— 5 Race Spins
  • !2millvisits – race spins  (only on new servers)
  • quickshutdown—Spins of every type
  • 10klikes—Magic Spins
  • clovergroup—Magic Spins (Need to join the Roblox group)
  • !6klikes – 3 spins of every type
  • !7klikes – 3 spins of every type
  • !halloweenstats –  resets stats
  • !halloweenupdate – 6 spins of every type
  • !5klikes – 6 spins of every type
  • !4klikes – 6 spins of every type
  • !3klikes – 6 spins of every type
  • !clover_release2 – free rewards
  • !cloverfixes – free rewards
  • !cloverstats – Redeem code to Reset Your Stat Points
  • !clover_release – Magic Spins, Race Spins, and Trait Spins

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to redeem Clover Retribution codes?

All you have to do to redeem codes in Roblox Clover Retribution is follow these steps:

  • Open up the chat either in the main menu where you spin, or when you’re playing the actual game.
  • To get your rewards, copy one of the codes for April 2024 from our list, paste it into the text field, and hit enter.
  • You can use the spins you received using the code in the main menu!

How to get more Clover Retribution codes?

Make sure to follow Clover Retribution, the game developer, on their official Clover: Retribution Discord server to remain up to date on the most recent code releases for the game. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use Ctrl+D to bookmark this page, so you can keep up with our daily additions to our code articles.

Clover Retribution: What Is It?

Roblox’s fighting game Clover Retribution draws inspiration from a number of well-known anime series. I may select a race, gain qualities, and improve my numbers like strength, dexterity, and more thanks to the game’s sophisticated RPG system. I was able to find tasks to fight monsters, level up my experience points, and find rare, precious treasures in addition to essential gear that would aid me in battle while exploring the environment.