Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide | Tips, cheats, and secrets on passing the game

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

In today’s guide, we’re going to dive into the tips and secrets of Cookie Run: Kingdom and give you a complete guide to getting through the game. We’re going to cover all aspects of the game, from the story and tips on how to progress, to how to get better cookies and improve your kingdom.

I have to admit that this game is awesome, and as soon as I started playing it, I was immediately very drawn in! Even though progress was pretty slow in the beginning, the expectations definitely paid off.

So, without further ado, let’s start our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide!

Focus on completing the first chapter of Cookie Run: Kingdom

The first chapter of the game consists of 15 levels, and it’s pretty easy to get through. You should try to complete it first, because that will unlock the level 1 castle.

If you get stuck trying to advance in this first chapter, just increase the level of your current cookies (regardless of their rarity). You don’t have to use them in the future, but you will need them for now.

Auto mode is not always useful (especially when it comes to the boss)

While automatic mode is good when you’re pumped, you won’t always benefit from this option being active. In the boss stages, I suggest you turn it off because your cookie will start using skills randomly.

Expand Your Kingdom

One thing you should never neglect is expansion. As you improve your castle, you will open up more areas in which you can expand. I suggest that you always try to clear them, because the more empty space you have, the more buildings and decorations you can build.

Also, don’t forget to decorate and beautify your area.

Place the units correctly

Place the units correctly

You may have noticed that each cookie has a specific place to put them – front, middle or back.

Front: Normally the Defenders should stand there, as these units are great at withstanding damage. On rare occasions you will encounter enemies that deal AoE damage, but you should have healers for them.

Center: mages and other types of fighters are usually placed here. This line will be the second to be attacked when the front line falls.

Rear: The rear line is reserved for rangers, sapports or healers. They will not need to get close to the enemy to become useful, as most of their skills are either buffs, heals, or ranged attacks.

You can put units in a line that doesn’t suit them, but they won’t be as useful. However, in the beginning, if you don’t have enough units for a certain position, you can put them however you want.

How to get more cookies

You can get more cookies by getting them through gacha. Gacha has several options, and you should always try to use the 10x draft, as there will be a better chance of something good than the 1x.

There are several ways to get more drafts – from daily quests, daily help, event rewards, coupon codes, etc. You usually pay 300 crystals for a single summon and 3000 crystals for a 10x summon, so I highly recommend you save up 3000 crystals and do a 10x summon.

Don’t Waste Your Crystals.

If you’re not too keen on gacha or don’t know what to spend your crystals on, just save them. Gacha changes regularly, so you can try to accumulate lots of crystals and make summon several times. This is an easier way to get rare cookies.

Never waste crystals on acceleration-it’s almost never worth it. This is especially important if you’re playing without a donation.

Complete missions for crystals and other rewards

Complete missions for crystals and other rewards

Missions are a very important part of progression. Not only are they the game itself, but they will reward you with a huge amount of experience and crystals. I strongly recommend that you try to complete all possible missions in the order in which they appear, because in this way, you will progress the best.

You will also unlock achievements as you progress, so if you need an extra 50-100 crystals, check them out (click on your profile icon -> Achievements tab) and see what you need to do to complete them.

That’s all our Cookie Run: Kingdom tips and cheats! Do you know more useful tips on the game for beginners? Or maybe you know something that even veteran players would like to know? The main thing is not to forget to use codes for Cookie Run: Kingdom for May 2024, which will give you a lot of rewards.