Cookie Run: OvenBreak Guide: Helping the cookie escape from the oven

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Be that as it may, but the runner is still a popular game genre, as it combines a simple gameplay and high dynamics. And if you add to all of the above, and thought-out plot, which will give the gameplay at least some meaningful, then the output will turn out something like the game Cookie Run: OvenBreak, which has already managed to be on a huge number of devices.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Tips & Tricks

Cookie Run: OvenBreak is a new endless runner from DevSisters for the iOS and Android platforms. This game is similar to, but not the same as, the other mobile game LINE Cookie Run – instead, you play as one of numerous cookies and their pets, and your goal is to run as far as you can while collecting chests and cookie pieces to enhance your characters and money and gems. Continue reading for Cookie Run: OvenBreak tips & tricks!

A Beginner's Guide to Cookie Run: Ovenbreak

Each cookie provides unique benefits, so review the information for each of your cookies before deciding which one to utilize as your primary cookie or relay cookie. This ability usually transfers to their level-ups as well; for example, the Skater Cookie speeds up with each level. Level up your pets to maximize the benefits they provide.

Participate in the trophy races to gain extra free chests. The higher you finish in the trophy races, the nicer your chest will be in general. In general, you participate in a group of 8 players, and your goal is to beat every single one of them by achieving the best score possible. When the playing period’s timer expires, you and the other racers will receive your awards.

Collect everything you can in order to increase your score, but don’t forget to collect coins as well. Silver coins are worth one dollar, gold coins are worth ten dollars, and the enormous versions of both coins are worth even more. Completing the various side jelly tasks will grant you spins, which may be used to obtain free treasures or coins. The more crates you open, the more components and coins you can obtain.

Go to the store and spend additional coins on cookie components to level up quickly without having to earn chests. This substantially accelerates the rate at which you can level up, as player exp is awarded every time you improve a pet or a cookie. The bonuses granted for jelly and coins rise with player level, allowing you to score considerably bigger point totals and earn more coins.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak codes - free rainbow cubes and crystals

Go to the diamond section of the shop to earn free gems by viewing commercial videos and connecting the game to Facebook. Diamonds can be used to purchase chests, so use them to buy chests, particularly the cheaper Chocolate chest early in the game, for large amounts of cookie crumbs, coins, and other goodies that can lead to quick level-ups. And don’t forget to use Cookie Run: OvenBreak codes for February 2024, which you will find at