Dead by Daylight: Tips for becoming a better survivalist

Last Updated on 01.11.2023

In Dead by Daylight, you play as a survivor or an assassin. There are many different characters that you can choose from. This guide provides general tips on playing as a survivor. Enjoy!

Dead by Daylight Survivors tips and tricks

Dead by Daylight Survivors tips and tricks

Stick to the following tips when playing as a survivor in Dead by Daylight:

  • If you are not running, you can silently climb over windows and obstacles. Don’t forget this, and be sure to do it if the killer can’t see you. Otherwise, you may be heard.
  • If you’re not running, you can almost silently climb into a closet (the killer can still hear the door creaking, don’t forget that).
  • When the assassin is carrying the victim on his shoulders, then you can help your ally.
  • It’s enough to blind the enemy with a flashlight or stun him by dropping a pallet under his feet.
  • If two generators are activated, and you are the last survivor, the hatch will automatically open.
  • Sometimes the status of the hatch in the game is not updated (error). In this case, you need to fix the additional generator or open the exit door.
  • If you are near the hatch, you will hear a characteristic hum. So it is quite easy to find it.
  • The hatch also makes a noise when it unlocks automatically.
  • Even if you are knocked down, you can still crawl out of the location to the open door.
  • When you repair the generator, special circles appear periodically. These are circles with success zones and a slider. When the slider is on a successful zone, you must press the corresponding key. Otherwise, the generator will jam and make a loud sound.
  • You don’t need first aid kits to heal other survivors!
  • Remember that repairing the generator comes with a noise. The killer will hear you, even through walls or obstacles.
  • There are always two exits on the map, use them.
  • Do not stand in a group near the exit doors! Hide the survivors, and have a team member open those doors.
  • Open the locker loudly to get the killer’s attention, but don’t hide in it. This will confuse the enemy.
  • If the assassin knows for sure that you are hiding in the locker, assess the situation. At full health, it’s best to run out of the closet. Yes, you risk missing one hit and getting wounded, but you don’t have to fight the killer.
  • Don’t try to escape on your own. The success rate is 5% (10% if there is an extra perk). But the remaining percentage is spent on speeding up the victim. That is 3-4 unsuccessful attempts, after which you will die. It’s best to wait for the help of your allies.
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That’s all the advice! Go ahead and have fun!