Defenders Depot codes for April 2024 – crates

Last Updated on 11.04.2024

You will be building a base in Defender’s Depot that must fend off waves of adversaries! Because this game will put your construction skills to the test very quickly, try to build the strongest base you can. Invite some pals to assist you in planning your structures and defending yourself against adversaries!

With our collection of Defenders Depot codes for April 2024, you can locate freebies if you’re hunting for them. All of the most recent codes that are live and operational right now are compiled here. You can learn how to redeem codes in Defender’s Depot by looking down the codes list if you’re unsure how to do it! Don’t forget to favorite this page by using the Add to Bookmark button on mobile devices or CTRL + D on your keyboard.

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Latest Defenders Depot codes

  • C0D3 – Free Reward (NEW)
  • bingchillin – a Free Reward
  • *%@? – a Free Reward
  • 65M! – a Free Reward
  • 300kFAVE – a Free Reward
  • festiveTime – a Free Reward
  • snowsnosns – a Free Reward
  • winteriscoming – a Free Reward
  • DD2 – a Free Reward
  • 60M! – a Free Reward
  • candy – a Free Reward
  • corn – a Free Reward
  • soonTM – a Free Reward
  • tags?! – a Free Reward
  • settingsnoway – a Free Reward
  • spamspam – a Free Reward
  • ty4100k – a Free Reward
  • Ascensions! – a Chat Token
  • gaming – a Basic Crate
  • ascend? – a Free Reward
  • 50M! – a Free Reward
  • 50000000?! – a Free Reward
  • ty450 – a Free Reward
  • Another1 – a Free Reward
  • SUPERCHAT – a Free Reward
  • worldWIDE – a Free Reward
  • zoooom – a Free Reward
  • tahc labolg – a Free Reward
  • thatswild – a Free Reward
  • EASTER2022 – a Free Reward
  • newnewnew – a Free Reward
  • token? – a Free Reward
  • cencel – a Free Reward
  • wal – a Free Reward
  • FONUFO – a Free Trade Token
  • snowww – a Basic Crate
  • O_o – a Basic Crate
  • fir3ball – a Basic Crate
  • ZaP – 10,000 Coins
  • speeeed – a Basic Crate
  • hd – a Basic Crate
  • b0x – a Basic Crate
  • b00m – a Basic Crate
  • SIX!? – a Basic Crate
  • killALLpls – a Basic Crate
  • disco – a Basic Crate
  • spooky – a Basic Crate
  • bugcatcher – a Basic Crate
  • soon – a Basic Crate
  • 69 – 69 Coins

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to redeem codes In Defender’s Depot?

To redeem codes in Defender’s Depot, follow these steps:

  • Start the game Defender’s Depot.
  • On the left side of the screen, look for the settings/build button.
  • Click on the settings/build button.
  • In the “Enter Code” field, type or paste a functional code.
  • To send the code, click Check.
  • Take pleasure in the coins, crates, and tokens that the code offers.

How can I obtain additional Defender’s Depot Classic Tower Defense codes?

Join the game developers’ Discord channel to discover additional codes. If not, please sure to bookmark this page as we will be updating it with the most recent codes!

About Defender’s Depot Classic Tower Defense

Defender’s Depot is a tower defense minigame where you must test your military tactics to maintain the security of your base. Take control of and defend your very own fortress! Waves of opponents will attack in phases, so you’ll need to strategically buy and position your defenses to keep adversaries out of your safe area. Work your way through the game’s numerous stages, each of which gets harder as you go along, using turrets, walls, and even volcanoes. After finishing each stage, unlock new defenses, and buy accessories to spruce up your gear, so other players can see how far you’ve come!