Demon Piece Weapons Tier List for May 2024

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Today, I want to share with you my thoughts on which weapons in the game “Demon Piece” on the Roblox platform are worth using to stay on top. Yes, I’m talking about the “Demon Piece weapons tier list” – an indispensable tool for those who strive to win.

There are many weapon options in this game, but not all of them are equal in their effectiveness. Many players prefer to use fruits rather than weapons for combat. However, if you, like me, prefer weapons, then this tier-list will be your faithful companion.

At the very top of the tier list are weapons that have incredible power and unique abilities. Their use can completely change the outcome of the battle in your favor. However, keep in mind that these weapons often require a lot of skill and experience to use them to their maximum potential.

At the next level of the tier list are weapons that have balanced characteristics. They may be more accessible to beginners, but are still just as effective in combat. Use them to gain experience and confidence in your abilities.

Demon Piece Weapons Tier List

Finally, at the bottom level of the tier list are weapons that may seem less attractive due to their weak power or limited capabilities. However, don’t forget that even among them, you can find unique combinations and use them to your advantage. Check out our other tier lists including Demon Piece race tier list and Swordburst 3 skills tier list before you head out!

S Tier

  • Tidebreaker (Mythical)
  • Darkblade (Mythical)
  • Forest Nymphs (Unique)

A Tier

  • Skyborne Lance (Legendary)
  • Shark Saw (Legendary)
  • Golden Staff (Mythical)
  • Holy Book (Mythical)

B Tier

  • Jitte (Rare)
  • Katana (Uncommon)
  • Axe-Hand (Uncommon)
  • Scimatter Daggers (Epic)
  • Golden Hook (Epic)
  • Blast Cannon (Epic)
  • Sandai (Epic)
  • Longsword (Rare)
  • Captain’s Rapier (Epic)

C Tier

  • Iron Mace (Uncommon)
  • Flintlock (Common)
  • Pipe (Rare)
  • Cannon (Rare)
  • Musket (Uncommon)
  • Warrior’s Spear (Uncommon)

D Tier

  • Cutlass (Common)
  • Wooden Staff (Common)

I remind you that in addition to weapons, in the game “Demon Piece” there are useful codes with rewards that can greatly facilitate your path to victory. So don’t forget to look for them and use them to your advantage.

So, if you prefer to use weapons in battle, then you should take advantage of this Demon Piece tier list! That’s not to say that you can’t experiment with both fighting styles, but my point is that each has its own advantages.