Destiny 2 Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Destiny 2 is a sequel to the shooter of the same name, in which humanity finds itself in a desperate situation. Cities have fallen, there are no defenders left, and the remnants of the once-mighty army of Commander Gaul are forced to confront the legions of invaders. Players will wander through distant worlds filled with technology that will help the guards regain their former power, and gain unprecedented power.

Destiny 2 beginner’s guide (2024)

Destiny 2 game, which guide is described in this article, is the multiplayer first-person shooter that has the elements of MMORPG. At first glance, the gameplay may seem to be hard to master, but the game takes gamers through all the key points and literally explains on your fingers how the game mechanics work.

For newcomers, Destiny 2 will begin with character creation, and they will be given 3 classes to choose from:

  • Titan;
  • Hunter;
  • Warlock.

In this case, each class includes three more subclasses with unique abilities and their own type of elemental damage. Newcomers who have never played similar games should start with the class Titan, as it has a high level of protection, simple abilities and protective barrier. If the player does not want to play as a classic warrior, you can try your hand in two other classes.

Pay attention! All classes in the game have their own characteristics, and so the presence of problems at the beginning, associated with management, shooting and use of abilities in Destiny – the usual thing.

Lovers of drive and speed can opt for hunters. They are fast and agile, able to deal a huge amount of damage, and can deal with enemies both with a bow and arrow and a deadly blade.

Warlocks in Destiny 2 are unconventional “mages” that act as support in this shooter. Their useful skills that allow them to heal themselves and their comrades make this class indispensable in team play. Despite this, the flip side of the medal warlocks is demanding to them – to master the abilities and apply them in a timely manner is quite difficult.

Where to start, the process of creating a character

Start Destiny 2 guide should be with the choice of class, which is described in detail in the previous section. When this point has been completed, you need to move on to the creation and customization of the character.

It should be noted that Destiny 2 has a pretty rich menu of customization, that you can’t find in the modern shooters. Here you can choose the race, gender, facial features, hairstyle and hair color, as well as the tag. The character’s characteristics or his abilities are not affected by this stage, so you should edit his appearance according to your own preferences.

Note! You should not spend hours on creation of the perfect-looking character – the main character will be in the outfit concealing his appearance for the most part of the game time.

When the character is created, the opening mission in the Cosmodrome location, which was transferred to the game from the first Destiny, begins. Here, the hero will find a Tower with many flashing markers on the mini-map, which will put the unprepared player at a loss.

For newcomers, to master the game, you first need to go through the classic companies of Destiny 2. Among them, we should highlight the companies. They are rather short, but very interesting; even an experienced gamer won’t be bored.

After the basic companies have been passed, you should move on to more complex chapters, more demanding to the skills of the players. Some of them will require to get friends, so finding new friends in Destiny 2, ready to conquer the game world together, won’t be superfluous.

After the main campaigns have been passed, you should move on to more complex chapters, more demanding to the skills of the players. Some of them require you to get friends, so finding new friends in Destiny 2 who are ready to conquer the game world together will not be superfluous.

Weapon and Equipment Guide

Weapon and Equipment Guide

Like in any other shooter, weapons and equipment in Destiny’s universe play a key role. To begin with, we should talk about weapons, of which there are 3 types in the game.

The first type of weapon is the kinetic one. These weapons will be used by the player most of the time. Pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns and revolvers – it’s all kinetic, and it shows its worth in PvP and PvE battles.

Important: The main feature of kinetic weapons lies in the enormous damage dealt to the opponents.

The second type of weapon in Destiny 2 is the energy weapon. It is similar to the kinetic one, however, unlike it, it deals elemental damage by lightning, sun or void. Weapon ammo is often dropped from enemies, so players won’t have any problems finding it.

Energy weapons are particularly effective in PvE battles, as they allow for the removal of energy shields from many enemies. In PvP with these guns is not worth getting involved, because this choice will not be justified.

The third and last type of weapon in the game is a power weapon. These weapons are capable of destroying opponents with a single blow, which is particularly useful in PvP arenas. Such ammunition includes flares, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and even swords. In PvE mode, they are used exclusively for destroying bosses, inflicting elemental damage and rapidly depriving the enemy of his health reserves.

Weapons in Destiny 2 have a “quality” parameter – the higher it is, the rarer the gun is considered. For example, white is for ordinary weapons, and gold for exotic ones.

Note! The chance of falling out of more rare weapons will be higher if the player performs complex tasks of a high level.

Also, the weapons in the game can be improved. This is done by transferring power from one thing to another, and this process requires special currency – details or stamps.

With armor and modifiers in Destiny 2 everything is easier. They appear in the player’s inventory when completing certain tasks, and directly affect the characteristics of the character, the damage they inflict and the application of abilities. There are several sections of armor: helmet, gauntlets, breastplate and greaves, which can be upgraded as well as weapons. With armor, you can not only make your character stronger, but also give him a unique style.

In-game activities, or what to do in the game

After the main campaigns have been completed, many players have a number of questions related to further pastime. It should be noted at once – there is a lot of content in the game, so even the old-timers in the new Destiny do not get bored.

For starters, you need to pay attention to open events. They appear throughout the star system and change from planet to planet. Basically, these are tasks of the type “protect or destroy the target”, “find resources”, etc. For passing the event, the game rewards the gamer with a random prize.

Important! You can invite your friends to the group to pass the event. In this case, the award will receive all members of the group.

In addition, you should pay attention to the instructions that issue NPC. Many of them seem much more interesting than the typical quests or events in Destiny. Therefore, perhaps newcomers will be interested in this kind of activity as well.

Tips for quick pumping for beginners

Tips for quick pumping for beginners

For quick development, beginners are advised to do a lot of quests. In addition, you should visit Destiny 2 The Punishment, a guide to which needs no introduction. The crucible is a player’s PvP playlist, where, having chosen the most interesting mode for himself, the gamer can try his forces against other players, without losing anything at all.

There are a few more tips that will help newcomers to Destiny 2 to quickly pump up your character.

  • First and foremost is the fast opening of the map. You can do this by pressing the “Start” and “Select” buttons simultaneously.
  • To find good loot, you should look in the Lost Sector or use the treasure cards that can be bought from Kaida-6 after completing his quest.

However, the most important tip for quick development and getting cool weapons and equipment, is to keep unnecessary scout rifles in your inventory.

Of course, they can be disassembled to get useful materials, but when an exotic quest appears, you can get a really powerful rifle with an unnecessary weapon.

This was one last tip for newcomers to help them get the hang of it and gain game experience. The main thing that you should not forget when playing is to estimate your own time. Then the gameplay will not only be interesting, but also fruitful. And yes, don’t forget that there are Destiny 2 codes for April 2024 that help you get free shaders and emblems.

In a game like Destiny 2 the guide can be endless, because to tell about all the aspects and nuances in a few paragraphs is simply impossible. But for beginners it will be enough of the information that is given above. Then they will get used to the unique world of Destiny 2 and soon will be able to teach the new recruits. That’s the end of the launch guide, and to sum up, we should remind the great success of this development. It brought players from all over the world together, giving them not only the opportunity to have fun, but also to unite to achieve common goals. Compared to the last installment, Destiny 2 has stepped far, leaving its competitors from the gaming industry behind.