Diablo Immortal Tips for Newcomers

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

If you don’t know anything about the Diablo franchise or haven’t heard much about Diablo Immortal, check out this guide. We’ve put together a lot of information that will help you get your campaign off to a flying start, and keep you on top of the thousands of other players out there. Now let’s review the tips and important nuances of the game.

Character Choice Matters

That’s true of all more or less normal MMORPGs, diabloids, and slasher losers like Diablo Immortal. The choice of class predetermines your playing style and approach to PvE and PvP battles. For example, a wizard will be effective only at a distance, from where it’s easy to destroy single and group targets. And the barbarian will be able to come up close and properly kick the opponent or block his way to teammates.

When choosing a character, we recommend not to get hung up on the mete and the best available builds, but to follow your own preferences. Only in this case you will get maximum enjoyment from the game.

To get the most complete picture of the heroes Diablo Immortal, read the special guide on the classes. Here we’ll also give a brief summary of the characteristics:

  • Barbarian. Destroyer, designed for close-quarters combat. Good in combat with large groups of enemies.
  • Crusader. Close Combat Vehicle. Uses sacred power to deal increased damage and support themselves and their allies in every way.
  • Monk. Agile hero with fast attacks, for whom it is important to constantly move and dodge enemy attacks.
  • Demon Hunter. Pragmatic ranged character. Good for dealing a lot of damage to single targets, especially bosses and elite mobs.
  • Necromancer. Able to summon the undead and direct them into battle with enemies. Uses black magic to weaken and damage enemies.
  • Wizard. Ranged character. Uses elemental magic to destroy enemies. The strongest yet most “fragile” character in the game.

If you divide all classes into subcategories, the barbarian and crusader will belong to heroes with the Strength attribute; the monk and hunter with the Dexterity attribute; the necromancer and wizard with the Intelligence attribute.

If you’re new to Diablo Immortal, the most suitable characters are Barbarian and Crusader – they’re tough enough to make lots of mistakes and strong enough to reward your efforts with spectacular actions.

In contrast, the most undesirable heroes for novice players are the monk and wizard. They strongly depend on skill combinations and have low level of defense. It will be difficult for you to control them in battle, especially if you have a lot of opponents fighting against you.

Manage your inventory properly

In Diablo, character development has always been tied to the equipment that’s dropped from defeated opponents. Yes, you can enhance your character by leveling up and unlocking skills, but your abilities will always depend on the quality of your equipment.

To pick up good items, you need to constantly review and clear your inventory from unnecessary items. It’s easy to do: as soon as you run out of free slots, go to the Blacksmith. There you can forge items into useful materials and make room for new loot.

Constantly upgrade your gear

One of the great things about Diablo Immortal is that it’s so easy to upgrade your gear. You don’t have to think about upgrading your weapons or armor, even if they’re not at a high enough level of rarity. As soon as you get items from a higher class of equipment, your upgrades can be automatically “transferred” to them.

Because of this, don’t be afraid to spend enhancement stones as soon as you get them. Apply them at once and take advantage of them without delaying the upgrade for too long. In this way, you’ll be able to increase your hero’s strength faster, and you’ll be able to complete tasks that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

Create your own skill meter

The skill system in Diablo Immortal is similar to Diablo 3. As you level up, you’ll unlock a variety of skills to level up. All of them are divided into several branches. To strengthen your hero, you will have to make a choice, because the number of available skill slots is limited.

We recommend trying in the game as many skills and their bundles as possible. Don’t be lazy to spend a few hours studying them, because the results obtained can be overwhelming. For example, you can unlock the combination that allows you to destroy the whole packs of enemies or take out the strong bosses in a second.

Travel the entire map

According to Blizzard, Diablo Immortal is the largest game in the Diablo series in terms of areas. You’ll see a huge world divided into dozens of regions that you can spend hours exploring. While this freedom of movement has obvious advantages, it also has a drawback: moving between locations on your own can take tens of minutes.

Since Diablo Immortal is a mobile game, the developers integrated the ability to automatically move to the right area. You simply need to find a gap – a point of space and time deformation – and move there.

Don’t be in a hurry to do so, though. Diablo Immortal encourages players to explore the map thoroughly. Within each region of the map you’ll find special places which either refer back to past events or provide background information on future time events. You will receive progress points for discovering such locations. And you will be rewarded for each and every location uncovered to the end. We recommend that you do not neglect research and visit every available corner of the Sanctuary.

Extract essences from defeated monsters and earn experience

Much of your progress in Diablo Immortal will depend on completing the main quests and daily quests. These aren’t all the ways to gain experience and resources, however. The game has a list of enemies that you’ve fought on your journey. This list contains their descriptive information. At first, there won’t be much data. But you can collect essences from the defeated monsters and increase your knowledge about them. Once your knowledge is complete, you will receive resources, experience, and possibly a permanent increase in characteristics.

If you’re bored with the quests or need a workout, go monster hunting and increase your knowledge of monsters. That way, you’ll combine recreation with earning improvements for the hero.

Diablo Immortal guide: How to get started


The following tips will help you become a strong warrior in Diablo Immortal and quickly develop your character at the very beginning of the game. Journey through Sanctuary, battling Diablo’s minions and becoming one of the best heroes around. And to gain an advantage over your opponents, be sure to use Diablo Immortal codes for April 2024, which you will always find on pocket-codes.com.