Dragon Ball Evolution codes for February 2024 – free boosts

Last Updated on 28.02.2024

Welcome to the world of Dragon Ball Evolution, an exciting game on the Roblox platform, where you’ll find thrilling adventures and battles worthy of the mightiest warriors! Embark on an epic journey where you can unleash all your power and skills in intense battles filled with dynamics and adrenaline.

Become part of the Dragon Ball world, where you’ll face incredible battles against opponents of varying difficulty levels. You will not only fight on the ground, but also in the air, where you can show your skills in battle. Choose your favorite character from the Dragon Ball universe, develop his unique skills, and engage in exciting fights to become the most powerful warrior in Dragon Ball Evolution.

All the details you require to obtain and use Dragon Ball Evolution codes for free stuff, cash, and upgrades that will quicken your progress and enrich your gameplay will be provided by our guide. Evolution Artworks made Dragon Ball Evolution, a Roblox game.

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New Dragon Ball Evolution codes

  • FinalAwakening!—10k Zeni, x2 XP for 20 minutes, and x2 EVO for 20 minutes (New)
  • Kaioken!—x2 EVO for 1 hour (New)
  • GrindTime!—25k Zeni, x2 EVO for 1 hour, and x2 XP for 1 hour (New)
  • 60KLIKES— 5 minutes x3 coins, 5 minutes x3 boost, 15 minute x3 Strength
  • 45KLIKES— 5 minutes of x2 Strength Boost and 5 minutes of x3 Coin Boost
  • FREEZA— 5 minutes x3 coins, 5 minutes x3 boost, 15 minutes x2 Strength
  • BOSSISLAND— x3 Coin Boost and x2 Strength Boost
  • booster— 5 minutes of x3 Coin Boost and 5 minutes of x3 a Boost
  • OOZARU— x3 Coin Boost and x2 Strength Boost
  • 10MVISITS— 15 minutes of x2 Coin Boost and 15 minutes of x2 Strength Boost

Expired codes

  • As of right now, no codes are out of date.

How to redeem Dragon Ball Evolution codes?

Once the code is ready to be activated in the game, proceed as follows:

  • On your device, launch Roblox Dragon Ball Evolution.
  • The codes button can be found in the settings menu or on the screen.
  • Take a copy of one of the aforementioned codes.
  • Complete the code input box with the code.
  • To get rewarded, click the Submit button.

Thus, that concludes the Dragon Ball Evolution wiki’s coverage of codes. A single code in Dragon Ball Evolution can only be used once, so please be aware of it. Once you have claimed the benefits, it will not function if you attempt to redeem it again.

How can I obtain additional Dragon Ball Evolution codes?

On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, Trello, and Reddit, Evolution Artworks developers share the updated codes for February 2024. Regularly checking their social media handles will allow you to gather these codes. Additionally, remember to search for codes within the official Roblox group.

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