Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes for April 2024 – Zenkai

Last Updated on 12.04.2024

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood is a Roblox game where you battle bosses, foes, and monsters all around the map. To advance in the game and gain experience, you must hit adversaries and uncover chests.

You’ll unlock more powerful hero forms, attacks, and Ki blasts that can inflict more damage on bosses and creatures as you go through the game. I put up a list of codes that may be used to get a ton of gifts to help you on your quest to become the strongest in Dragon Ball Hyper Blood.

I discovered these codes when browsing the game’s social media accounts, and I put them to the test by using them to redeem in-game. Make sure to read the entire tutorial since we’ll explain how to claim these codes at the conclusion.

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New Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes

  • CHRISTMAS2023—exclusive form (New)
  • SU3MA2—1 Spirit Siphon Ticket
  • UPDCOMMING—5 Million Stats 
  • N3WCOD3— 1 Zenkai
  • N3WB00S— 10 Million Stats
  • METALIZER120K— a Zenkai
  • FIXTH3G4M3— a Zenkai
  • BEASTMODE— 12 million power
  • TIMMY— 3 million of all Stats
  • 42KLIK3Z— a Zenkai
  • COOLDOWN— 6 million of each stat
  • MINIM4P— 3 million of each stat
  • WHONDERWORLD— 6 Million of each stat
  • FR33CODE— 6 million of each stat

Expired codes

  • NAM3K

How to use codes for Dragon Ball Hyper Blood?

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood has an extremely simple code entry process that doesn’t even require you to exit the menu! To open, locate and click the large codes button located at the bottom left of the main menu screen.

Select the blue text field and enter one of the codes above. After that, click the Confirm button to get your prize!

The large increase in stats will offer you a substantial advantage early on and should set you up for success as you gain power in the game!

How to obtain additional Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes?

Join the Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Fan Club Roblox group, the Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Community Discord, and Listher on X to find more Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes for April 2024.

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood: What is it?

In the game Dragon Ball Hyper Blood, you fight against well-known DBZ foes including Jiren, Frieza, and Cell. Gain experience by taking on these opponents, punching and kicking them, charging your ki, and combining them to unleash combination attacks in the middle of the battle! You will be rewarded with an EXP-filled chest after winning a battle!

You will be able to unlock additional transformations and moves as you gain power.