Dragon Ball Legends codes for November 2023 – shards, gems, coins and more

Last Updated on 01.11.2023

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.’s Dragon Ball Legends is a fast-paced action/adventure/RPG game. All players can enjoy a 3D gameplay experience with a variety of game modes to select from, including Story, Arcade, Custom, and World Tournament Mode.

Dragon Ball Legends is a video game based on the popular manga and anime series Dragon Ball. The game’s PvP mode is very popular among players. The players compete in real-time combat against other gamers from across the world to become battleground legends.

For this, players must equip their fighters with the most powerful weapons, abilities, and so on. There are also numerous in-game awards that you may utilize to advance in the game. However, these awards and pieces of equipment are not free. Players must occasionally pay actual money to purchase these. But hold on! You can get these rewards for free by using Dragon Ball Legends codes!

We’ll be releasing a list of all Dragon Ball working codes for November 2023 that you can use to get cash, shards, senzu beans, gems, and other exclusive goodies.

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New Dragon Ball Legends codes

Active codes for November 2023:

  • Freepull30 – free rewards
  • b6AyELBt – 500 gems
  • w3cBk2QJ – S rank Piccolo
  • wayline7yz – 300 gems
  • waylinexxk – 300 gems
  • wayline628 – 300 gems
  • X6AyEGBv – 300 gems
  • Resource999 – 199 gems and 9,999 coins
  • i4PNW4nV – 100 gems and 500k coins
  • qhebjHH – 500 gems
  • B5kMAvGk – 400 gems
  • b4PMjyud – 200 gems
  • L5kJ69m – 20 SS hero shards
  • R5kKCeDw – 200 gems and two senzu beans
  • OneIsAll – gems, coins, and other exclusive rewards
New Dragon Ball Legends codes

Expired Dragon Ball Legends codes

There are currently no expired codes

What is the process for redeeming Dragon Ball Legends codes?

Everything you need to know is right here.

  • Tap on the player avatar icon in the upper left corner.
  • Click the button labeled “Redeem Code.”
  • Enter the code into the box, but keep in mind that codes are case-sensitive.
  • Tap the exchange button to claim your rewards.

What is the process for redeeming Dragon Ball Legends codes?

What are Promo Codes for Dragon Ball Legends?

Dragon Ball Legends promo codes for November 2023 are unique codes provided by the game’s developers. These codes allow users to obtain commercialized in-game prizes for free. The fundamental issue with these codes is that they are time-limited and distributed across multiple platforms. As a result, it is difficult for players to gather all of the codes before they expire.

Where can I get Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes?

The game’s makers distribute gift codes across several platforms. They distribute the codes using the game’s official social media sites, Reddit, and a Discord server. They usually issue them on important occasions, weekends, and official holidays, etc., so that as many people as possible can take advantage of the free rewards.

The codes are also released during live-streaming on the developers’ official YouTube channel. That is why it is critical to monitor the official sites as well as all live feeds.