Dragonheir Silent Gods Beginner Guide

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Here is the beginner’s guide for Dragonheir Silent Gods. The secret to conquering your quest is contained in these pages; discover how to use just available in-game goods and strategically switch elemental affinities for the best resource collection. Here, where strategic decisions affect the outcome of your journey in this vast and mysterious universe, is where your journey to become a master begins.

Overview of Hero Reset Mechanisms

Within the first week of playing Dragonheir Silent Gods, you can make a big difference in your quest by becoming an expert hero manager. Heroes can be reset throughout the first six days, giving players a chance to reevaluate their plans.

This crucial tool, which restores your champions to their initial state, may be accessible via the event interface of the game, namely the “torrent” function. This crucial window of opportunity is ideal for honing your army without worrying about running out of resources. Take advantage of this time to learn the mechanics, experiment with different hero lineups, and assemble your troops to suit your playstyle.

Understanding Hero Requirements and Dungeons

Entering the dungeons of Dragonheir Silent Gods necessitates strategic intelligence in addition to physical power. Every dungeon has unique features, like as area-of-effect (AOE) skills, that are necessary for certain hero characteristics. This includes the infamous Goblin Cave.

Furthermore, you’ll be forced to reconsider your approach in dungeons like the Flame Domain and stay away from heroes that depend on AOE. The game’s logbook serves as an essential compass, pointing out numerous runs for maximum success and guiding players through these perilous encounters.

Acquiring and Using In-Game Items

Treasures abound in Dragonheir Silent Gods’ markets, which sell one-of-a-kind objects like poetry book pages and maps that are only found during gameplay. With every purchase, you add money to your account that may be used to buy supplies and other necessities. Recipe books are essential for creating consumables that will give your heroes the advantage in battle, so don’t ignore them.

Making Use of Domains and Enhancing Heroes

The domains are the foundation for gathering resources necessary for your heroes’ ascent, such the abundant Tempest. Moving up the ranks offers you access to more than just additional players; it also gives you the chance to equip potent relics that could tip the odds in your favor. Building a team that is both broad and flexible is essential for those hoping to survive in Dragonheir Silent Gods’ shifting terrain.

Progress in the Game and Elemental Affinity

Your progress during the course of your six-day initiation will be gauged by the range of levels your heroes reach, illustrating their development from beginners to future legends. You can alter your primary adventurer’s elemental affinity at any time, which can be rather advantageous for gathering dungeon supplies. The key is adaptability, and taking advantage of these affinities can result in more profitable looting.

Journey Level and Management of Experience

It is essential to travel quickly and strategically, thus unlocked teleportation nodes will help you save a ton of time. Your Journey Level in Dragonheir Silent Gods determines when you’ve reached the experience cap and affects how far you can continue in the game.

You’ll need Journey XP to go beyond this obstacle, and this resource gets harder to obtain by after the task. Watch out for commissions; they are your main source of Journey XP and other benefits that advance the game’s story and get you through more of the game’s chapters.

Post-Six-Day Strategy and Resource Management

That six-day window of opportunity to reset heroes disappears after that. From now on, your choices have consequences because they solidify your dedication to the select few who will take the brunt of your conflicts.

This is the time to proceed cautiously and wisely. The purple dice, which before appeared to be plentiful, are now a limited resource that needs to be managed carefully, making resource management much more important. Keep a careful watch on the notebook; it’s more than just filler for the story; it’s a tactical manual that can affect every action you take in the expansive realm of Dragonheir Silent Gods.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Beginner Guide

Dragonheir: Silent Gods codes

You can acquire additional resources to aid you in Dragonheir: Silent Gods quests by using codes for April 2024. They are occasionally shared by the game’s developer, SGRA Studio, to commemorate significant anniversaries.