Dragonheir: Silent Gods Tier List (April 2024) – best heroes

Last Updated on 04.04.2024

Greetings, travelers and adventurers! Today I want to share with you some thoughts on Dragonheir: Silent Gods and what strategic decisions help me succeed in this fascinating world.

Before I begin my adventure, I always pay attention to the Dragonheir Silent Gods tier list. This list helps me better understand which approaches and which characters might be most effective in my journey.

When I consider this tier list, I pay attention to the qualities and skills of each hero. They may be the key to successful battles or solving difficult challenges that are encountered along the way. Some heroes can be exceptionally powerful in battle, others can be skillful mages or deft assassins, and still others can be unrivaled leaders.

However, you can’t rely solely on Dragonheir: Silent Gods’ tier list. Every decision, every choice in the game affects the course of events, and it’s important to remain open to new possibilities and strategies. Sometimes the most unexpected alliances or decisions can lead to the most brilliant results.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List

So, friends, keep in mind the Dragonheir: Silent Gods tier-list, but don’t forget your intuition and ability to adapt to change. Prepare for the adventure and dive into this exciting world with an open mind and heart!

S Tier

  • Hvitar
  • Jathal
  • Sacredeia
  • Ivellios
  • Diantha
  • Grishnaar
  • Errich
  • Flora
  • Khrysos

A Tier

  • Aemonleyda
  • Loren
  • Kamari
  • Zraacs
  • Horus
  • Usk
  • Clovis
  • Zadok
  • Saggero
  • Schatt
  • Lydia
  • Gillian
  • Bellick
  • Jekyll
  • Dokrazz
  • Rook
  • Vidimir
  • Dullard

B Tier

  • Korth
  • Immeral
  • Wellby
  • Beags
  • Dench
  • Eli
  • Enna
  • Elena
  • Nedda
  • Hegio

C Tier

  • Troll Fighter
  • Achuka
  • Pagog

D Tier

  • Ront
  • Wood Elf Guard

Tier Definitions:

S Tier: These characters represent the pinnacle of excellence within the game. Prioritize unlocking and enhancing their abilities, as even a single S tier character can carry you through the entire game. A full party of S tiers can effortlessly tackle most endgame challenges, provided you focus on maximizing their potential.

A Tier: If your roster lacks S tier characters, A tiers serve as excellent substitutes. While not quite on the same level as S tier characters, they still offer substantial strength and utility. Use them to fill gaps in your lineup, but aim to replace them with S tier characters whenever possible.

B Tier: In the early stages of the game, you’ll likely rely on a combination of one S tier character and several B tiers. These characters are easily obtainable and provide decent performance, though they may lack standout qualities. Swap them out for A or S tier characters as you progress, but don’t hesitate to use them when necessary.

C Tier: Characters in this tier are considered subpar, but they may possess niche capabilities that make them useful in specific situations or game modes. Evaluate their skills closely to determine their viability for your team’s strategy.

D Tier: Avoid using characters in this tier whenever possible. They suffer from significant balance issues and consistently underperform across all game modes. Focus on building a team composed of higher-tier characters to maximize your chances of success.

Those are my thoughts on the characters in Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Remember, your roster choices depend on your play style and preferences. Also, don’t forget about the codes to the game. Good luck on your journey, friends!