Dragonscapes Adventure. Tips for beginner farmers and dragon trainers

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Dragonscapes Adventure is one of the best farm simulators. In addition to the classic mechanics inherent in this genre, it includes a number of unique additions. In addition to setting up a farm, gathering resources and improving the plot, you will have to collect dragons and explore new magical locations.

There are surprises and new activities constantly appearing on the playing field, so you have to be very familiar with the gameplay to use so many features. For the sake of saving your time, we have prepared a few tips for the most efficient execution of tasks.

If this is the first time you have heard of the game, we suggest you read the overview guide and the beginners guide, as some of the mechanics described below may be unclear.

Dragonscapes Adventure. Tips for beginners

Check Dragon House more often

The dragon house is a small building in which your pink pet lives. Each hour the house generates a little coin, energy, or a couple of items. By steadily receiving gifts from the dragon, you can make it easier to collect and get nice bonuses to continue the game.

If for some reason you completely forgot about the Dragon House, nothing will happen. The pink pet, which accompanies the main character everywhere, will bring the gift to wherever she is, regardless of the location. You only need to click on the icon above his head.

At level 14, the Dragon Machine becomes available to you, where every 15 minutes a free attempt at scrolling appears. The number of scrolls accumulates, but cannot be more than 20. This means that you have to enter the game at least once every 5 hours to get the maximum number of bonuses. You can win gems and energy on slots.

Collect collections

Next to the order board is a tiny cabinet with a glass door. It’s so inconspicuous that it can be overlooked.

Clicking on it opens collections, each of which consists of 5 items. You won’t find these items in a specific place, because they are dropped randomly while opening locations from completely different objects: treasures, stones, trees and even grass. Once you collect all 5 items from one collection, a prize will be waiting for you. The most remarkable thing is that for some sets you can get gems, the game’s premium currency, and an unlimited number of times.

If your collection is complete, you will see an indicator with an exclamation mark in the upper left corner.

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Get hundreds of gems for free

Gems can be obtained for free in many ways. It’s so easy that in most cases you just have to keep playing for fun.

The most important sources of gems are level ups and special quests marked with an extra reward sign. However, there are others: achievements, daily visits to the game, and participation in temporary events.

Enter the game every day. In the first week, you can earn 13 gems for free just for turning on the game on the third and seventh days. In addition to gems, you can get resources and even a dragon.

Achievements. Generally, rewards are given for doing the same action multiple times, such as collecting corn or another resource. If you are persistent enough, you will accumulate a decent amount of gems. Click on the white dragon statue to view the achievement window.

And there are gifts for visiting the game 25 days in a row (this is separate from the above-mentioned system of incentives): each day you can get a random amount of resources. On days 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25, the amount of bonus increases once.

Participate in temporal events. Such quests are limited in time and look like a new location with a certain set of simple thematic tasks. By completing them, you can get unique items, decorations for the farm and materials.

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To see the map, hide the buildings and trees

Dragonscapes islands are filled with trees, buildings, and vegetation. They look beautiful and create the aesthetics of the app, but make it hard to see the surroundings. When exploring the islands, it’s important to choose the best route that you can’t see behind a particularly large tree. To solve this problem, the developers have come up with a feature to “turn off” all buildings and trees.

When you get to a new island, the first thing to do is to use this button until you have decided on a route. This will help save energy.