Dress Up Time Princess – Top tips and tricks for an effective start to the game

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Time Princess takes the best of the outfit selection genre and complements it with a variety of storylines with countless branches and many different characters and items to discover. This mix of genres has resulted in a game in which you can dress up the main character in a variety of regal, interesting, and unusual outfits appropriate to a particular time period, as well as go through story chapters in which your decisions really matter and influence the development of the story and its ending.

More often than not, the cross-dressing feature in games is useless and only exists for players to customize the appearance of their characters. In Time Princess, your clothing is really important, as the story chapters often have clothing requirements in the look. Each outfit is assigned a number of properties, and for some story chapters, there are clothing property requirements that must be met in order to pass a level. That is, you won’t be able to play the role of Queen Marie Antoinette dressed, for example, in modern pajamas.

Although the stories are fairly linear, you will need to make decisions at key moments. Some of these decisions can seriously affect the outcome of a chapter or even an entire episode or story. Time Princess is not just about passively reading the stories and watching them unfold without any intervention from the player. We want to share some tips and tricks to help you play Time Princess the right way.

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Take away all the free gifts the game gives you

Once you get through the game to a certain point, you’ll notice that your further progress is slowed or blocked by level requirements or lack of necessary clothing items to access your desired episode of the story. And while there are many different ways to fulfill these requirements, most of them require materials and resources.

Whether you’re creating clothes or accessories, trying to improve your relationship with a certain character, or playing with your cute kitties, these activities require different materials and resources. Luckily, if you’re just starting to play Time Princess, you’ll find that the game provides you with an incredible amount of free rewards, obtained with just a few clicks. Some of these items are time-limited and will disappear if you don’t pick them up within a few days. Therefore, we highly recommend going through the entire game menu as soon as possible and picking up what you can.

It’s best to start with the mailbox, which should have a few items in it, and then go through the various stores. Some of them have free daily rewards. What’s more, as of this writing, there is a “Special Offer” in the top left corner of the main menu that gives you lots of free items. All you have to do is click on its icon and then on the numbers labeled “Free.” Each of these numbers has a set of free bonuses available to players. Don’t forget to check codes for Dress Up Time Princess for April 2024 on our site.

Check the level requirements

At first, you won’t have to worry too much about the game’s various requirements, since all the necessary clothing and accessories will be given away for free. Later on, however, this will become one of the game’s biggest obstacles to further progression. You will often be missing one item to a complete set of clothes, or you will not have a good enough relationship with certain characters so that you will not be able to access the next episode of the story.

Fortunately, checking the level requirements is quite easy. Click on the level icon and look at the top of the screen. The clothing requirements will be shown there, and you just need to make sure that you have the right closet items. However, it may also show the character relationship requirements. Fulfilling these requirements may take some time, as you will have to interact a lot with the relevant characters to improve their attitude toward you.

Relationships and their effects

Relationships in this game are how much the people you meet in the various stories like and support you. In most cases, it is the good relationships that are crucial, as you will need a specific level of them with certain characters to access certain chapters.

To improve relationships, you can either make the right decisions during story chapters or interact with characters through the Companions menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the whale lantern on the main screen. This lantern will bring up a list of characters you have met during your travels. You can then click on a character’s portrait to see their current relationship level with you, and you can also click on the characters themselves to improve that characteristic. You can do this up to five times a day.

There is another way to improve a character’s relationship. To do this, create a specific item in the boutique and give it as a gift. To make a gift, you need to combine two gift items. Try combining different materials to unlock different gift options and progress through the game. Just don’t forget to check the tags of a particular character to see which gifts he likes.

There are many ways to get gift materials and items. For example, you can complete the story mode stages, pass the encounters on the story map, buy them in Parven’s store and find them with Kitty Exploration.

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Creating new clothes

The last, but no less important, an aspect of the game that we want to discuss is how to create and obtain new clothing items.

If you’ve played Time Princess for a while, you’ve probably noticed that one of the best ways to unlock new clothing items is simply by completing story missions. Indeed, in the first few story episodes you are showered with gifts in the form of clothing, materials, and other useful items. Remember that you can get these from the free gifts we mentioned earlier. Apart from these gifts, however, there is another good way to unlock new outfits and closet items – you can create them.

After completing the first few levels of the Queen Mary story, you will open a boutique in which you can do a variety of useful things. To create a new outfit or item of clothing, you just need to click on the sewing machine in the boutique and then on the “Create clothing” button. In the menu that opens, you need to select one of the many items of clothing to make. Each one requires specific materials. In addition, each item requires a corresponding blueprint, which can either be purchased from Parven’s store or obtained for passing specific chapters of the story.

It’s worth checking out the boutique whenever you’re struggling to meet the requirements of a certain level, as there’s a chance that something available for crafting will appear there. This will allow you to move faster in meeting the level requirements. Remember, you can always check where exactly you can get the materials you need for a particular closet item. To do this, simply click on the materials in the list. This will give you an idea of where to look for them if you are missing something.

That’s all you need to know to start playing Time Princess effectively.