Ever Legion codes (February 2024) – free diamonds, hero fragments, crystals and coins

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Come and enjoy our mobile fantasy RPG Ever Legion! An army of “Deathless” has spread terror throughout the corners of Neuria, growing amidst mutual hostility and suspicion between humans, orcs, and elves.

To save your family from being turned into the undead, you embark on an adventure. But along your journey, you discover that thousands of “Deathless” are mere pawns in the hands of the necromancer Balor…

You can assemble epic combinations of heroes of all races and religions to form your own team, fight powerful opponents, and discover yet another dark force hidden in the shadows as the campaign continues.

Several years of research and development, ultra-realistic 3D graphics and models, and a grandiose worldview are all packed into this amazing fantasy RPG!

With many side quests, such as the Spirit Realm and the Isle of Mists, you can enjoy an epic adventure with Rogue-like elements.

You have come to the right site if you want to use the most recent Ever Legion codes for February 2024. We’ll go over every code that has so far been made available in the game, so you can get a ton of free goodies, like Coins, Diamonds and even Hero Fragments.

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Latest Ever Legion codes

Active promo codes for February 2024:

  • happycbv2024
  • zbgyp
  • black5 
  • ocgj1123

Latest Ever Legion codes

Expired EL codes

  • wishcf
  • happy1st
  • forever58
  • love0214
  • sgexu
  • happy2023
  • black5
  • sdtg2022
  • merry1225
  • cd782
  • EL777
  • xmas2022

How to use Ever Legion promo codes?

Ever Legion makes it simple to redeem gift codes. Before you may utilize codes, you must first advance through the tutorial. You can then enter as many codes as you like, after this takes about ten to twenty minutes. How to use codes in Ever Legion is shown below.

  • In the top left corner of the screen, tap on the Profile symbol.
  • Choose Settings by tapping it.
  • To redeem a code, click the button.
  • Once you’ve entered your Ever Legion code for February 2024, click the Confirm button.

How do you obtain additional Ever Legion codes?

To obtain additional codes, communicate with the developer, and play with others, visit Ever Legion’s social media pages. This applies to the official Ever Legion Facebook page @everlegionEN, Twitter account @EverLegionEN, and unofficial Ever Legion Discord. Remember to bookmark this page and return periodically to check for code list updates.

What do codes do?

Codes for February 2024 are essentially free gifts given to gamers by developers and publishers. Typically, they come in the form of humorous catchphrases that you can use in-game. What you receive in return can also differ. Usually it’s in-game money, but occasionally you can also obtain characters, items, boosts, and other things.

Keep an eye out for Ever Legion codes as frequently as you can if you routinely play a game and would rather not pay money.