FarmVille 3 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

FarmVille is one of the most famous games released by Zynga. It was thanks to this project, which came out in 2009, that a small studio grew into one of the biggest players in the casual social networking game market. At one point, FarmVille’s active audience reached the 75 million mark. All of these people were building their farms, and they loved it.

A few years after the first part, FarmVille 2 saw the light, and relatively recently the developers released the third part of their farming arcade game, which has become even more beautiful, bright and large-scale. In FarmVille 3 users can not only sow the fields with different crops and produce different products. The latest installment of FarmVille features an aviary with exotic animals on the farm. Long dreamed of his own llama – in the new farming simulator from Zynga this desire can be satisfied. But there are other animals in the game, just a few dozen different species.

In FarmVille 3 you will always have something to do. In the beginning you need to set up the production of basic products, then build and repair the already existing outbuildings, then provide suitable conditions for keeping pets, etc. At first, this amount of activity can even be confusing. That’s why we decided to prepare a special gadget that will help newcomers understand FarmVille 3.

So, our tips.

Farmville 3 Tips & Tricks Guide For Beginners

In the beginning, focus on the easiest tasks

As with most mobile games, in FarmVille 3, users quickly unlock new buildings and gain access to certain “technologies” in the early stages. In the case of FarmVille, we are talking about different production buildings, such as a bakery and a mill. They open in a few tens of minutes.

Along with these buildings, you get access to new goods. For example, the production of bread or soy sauce becomes available. However, at the initial stages, it is not worth wasting time on the production of large batches of such goods. If you arm yourself with a calculator, it becomes clear that such production is not profitable at all.

It is more profitable for new players to produce relatively cheap goods that are produced as quickly as possible. In the initial stages, demand for them is very high. For example, assignments for sunflowers, wheat, or eggs appear noticeably more often than for soy sauce, flour, or oil.

However, even without assignments, just by selling goods from your warehouse, you’ll earn more just on starter products.

Fulfill orders on the bulletin board

The bulletin board is a very important “attribute” of any farm in FarmVille 3. Some people want a batch of wheat, some need eggs or a bottle of milk, while others are looking to buy some wood and sunflower oil. As the farm grows, orders for various baked goods, different tools, or difficult-to-manufacture items will begin to appear on the board. But along with this, the reward will grow.

You will receive coins for completing such orders. You can spend them to buy missing resources, build buildings, open new areas, etc. But the main thing is not even that. By completing orders and receiving coins, you’ll gradually get closer to more valuable rewards – boxes and chests. These may contain various pets, farm decorations, and useful resources.

It is these chests that should encourage you to continually complete tasks on the bulletin board. Without them, the process of pumping and development of the farm will slow down a lot.

Don’t neglect the well water

At level 8 of the farm, you will be able to open and restore a small well. Every 6 hours it will bring you 6 water units. This is enough to water six beds. In this way, you can double your harvest. True, the effect lasts for only one planting. But even in this case, you should not forget to water the beds.

This is especially true for various long-growing crops. For example, the same sunflower ripens in 2 minutes, but the soybean has to wait 15 minutes. And this is not the limit. Thanks to irrigation, you can get more resources per unit time. As a result, you can plan your production chain better.

Constantly control your stocks

All the goods you will produce are stored in the Barn and Silo. The problem is that initially, the size of the “storage space” is very limited. Of course, the capacity of the Ambar or Silo can be increased. But this requires very rare resources. These are obtained from chests with a small chance or purchased with diamonds.

For this reason, you need to constantly monitor the available stock and sell excess goods. For example, at the initial stages, it does not make sense to keep 20-25 bottles of milk. It is easier to sell the surplus, and the money to spend on new buildings and development of the farm.

Try to level up faster

You need experience to grow your farm. There are a number of ways to gain experience. For example, by cleaning up your patch. But you also get points for unlocking new animals, completing tasks, and more.

In order not to get bored with FarmVille 3, the farm should be pumped as quickly as possible. The thing is that all the most interesting content does not open immediately. For example, on level 16 you can unlock the museum events, which, in turn, will open the unique cosmetic rewards, and on level 32 you’ll unlock the fish farm and get the opportunity to go fishing.

Try to spend diamonds wisely

Diamonds are the premium currency in FarmVille 3. You can spend them to buy new animals, speed up production, replenish the energy scale, open reward chests, etc. However, we advise you not to throw diamonds around and not to spend them on small things.

In the early stages, the best investment is the purchase of additional slots in production buildings. For example, a mill or a bakery. This will allow you to build a longer production queue.

Diamonds can also be spent on chests with exotic animals. The latter will help in the extraction of valuable resources. For example, the reward for completing some expeditions are hero cards and the same diamonds.

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In this guide, we gave some tips to help new players develop their farm more effectively in FarmVille 3. If we try to summarize all of the above, newcomers should not try to cover all activities at once. It is better to systematically increase the volume of production, gradually expanding the “assortment” and not forgetting about the orders on the bulletin board.

Experienced farm builders can supplement our advice and share their secret tactics. You should also not forget that there are FarmVille 3 codes for April 2024 – they give a lot of advantages in the game.