Friday Night Bloxxin codes for February 2024 – animations, points and other gifts

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Friday Night Bloxxin codes for February 2024 are an easy way to earn free game points. Points are used to buy animations, various arrow skins, and other miscellaneous cosmetics. Codes can expire at any time, so be sure to use them as they are released. In order not to miss anything, add this page to bookmarks and check updates often.

Friday Night Bloxxin is a game mode developed by ur mother incorporated for the Roblox platform. Friday Night Bloxxin is a unique music game in the spirit of Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution. In the game, you approach the sound system, choose a song and fight the bot or other players by pressing the arrow keys is the right time.

The game is updated fairly regularly with new mods, animations, and other fun cosmetics. Be sure to check back regularly for new code when the developers decide it’s time for something new!

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New Friday Night Bloxxin codes

Active codes for February 2024:

  • HAPPY2YEARS – 500 Points (NEW)
  • TESTYOURLUCK – 500 to 1000 Points (NEW)
  • dsfgh7sdgfbhn423ynhu – emote
  • GAMEOVER – points
  • ANNIVERSARY – points
  • HOGSWEEP – Hog.png
  • INDIECROSS- free points
  • THANKSMARIO – Mario animation
  • HOLIDAY – 650 points
  • SUBTOANDRENICHOLAS – 1,200 points
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS – 750 points
  • IFOUNDYOUFAKER – Faker animation
  • OMGCODES – 400 points
  • THXBOOSTERS – 800 points
  • LAWSUIT – 300 points
  • OMG2V2 – 500 points
  • SONIC – 1,000 Points
  • BLOXXINISINNOCENT – 600 points
  • NOMOREDRAMAPLSTHX – free points
  • SUBTOCAPTAINJACK – 1,000 points
  • MODIFIERS – 300 points
  • 1M – 500 points

New Friday Night Bloxxin codes

Expired FNB codes

There are currently no expired codes.

How to redeem codes on Friday Night Bloxxin

Extinguishing codes in FNB for February 2024 is pretty easy.

  • Load the game.
  • Click the Twitter icon in the upper left corner (the bird).
  • Enter the code.
  • Click “Redeem.”
  • You may have to reload the game if it doesn’t work.

What is Friday Night Bloxxin?

It’s a game about modding, different character animations, and rhythmic play based on hitting the right notes with the arrow keys. The developer is very active in his community, and this has helped build a community around the game. There is another game called Funky Friday, which directly competes with this one, but both have their merits.