Frozen City codes – exclusive rewards (April 2024)

Last Updated on 05.04.2024

Frozen City is a construction and survival simulator, the events of which take players to an alternative post-apocalyptic future, where human civilization faced the threat of complete extinction. The catastrophe occurred due to global climate change – a new ice age came and the usual order of the world was destroyed. The player will fulfill the role of a certain mayor of a small settlement of survivors.

Although Frozen City positions itself as a classic sandbox, it has a storyline. It can’t boast the depth of development, but nevertheless will allow the player to understand what exactly led to the catastrophe of such a global scale, what was happening at that moment with the world and what everything directly led to. In addition, the story quests bring the user a large amount of in-game resources, and therefore their fulfillment is mandatory.

As the ruler of the last settlement on Earth, the user has to do everything to make it thrive. It is necessary to build correctly, install in the right place heat sources, resource extracting buildings. The most important thing is not to let the people starve and suffer from low temperatures, because in this case their productivity will fall significantly.

Looking for new Frozen City codes for April 2024 that work? You’ve come to the correct location! Follow this guide to learn how to use Frozen City gift codes for free gems, coins, time machines, vaults, cards, and other exclusive gifts.

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Working Frozen City codes

  • CRAB

Expired codes


How do I use my Frozen City codes?

Don’t know how to enter the Frozen City redeem codes for April 2024? It’s really simple; here’s how to utilize the redemption codes in just a few steps:

  • Start the game. On the right side of the screen, tap the Settings icon.
  • A new window will open, and you should click on the Gift Code button.
  • In the text section, enter the Frozen City gift codes that were supplied above.
  • Click the OK button to be awarded in-game right away.

How to get new Frozen City gift codes?

Frozen City codes for April 2024 are available on websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Discord. The developer generally releases new codes on major occasions such as milestones, festivals, partnerships, and special events. We will never upload hacks or purported cheats because they usually don’t work or get your account banned. We will update this article with all of the new redemption codes when they become available. Save and return to this page frequently to avoid missing out on new codes.

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