Gas Station Simulator codes for December 2023 – free Money, Tokens, & Clothing

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

Blox Studio produced the simulation role-playing game Gas Station Simulator, which was made available on May 7th, 2022. In the Great Basin Desert between the American states of California and Nevada, the game is played out in a gas station.

In a dilapidated gas station worker cooperative surrounded by desert, players take on the roles of employees. A station can accommodate up to 9 players.

The gas station has very few installations when it first opens. Starting with a small budget, you have to buy shelves and refrigerators to store your goods before you can start selling them. Two petrol pumps are already installed at the station, and a third and fourth can be purchased for additional money. Grid-connected solar panels are available for purchase, which lower energy utility bills and allow gas stations to make money by selling any extra electricity they produce to the electrical grid.

Players can take on the roles of a manager, janitor, refueler, or clerk. Vehicles park at gas stations during the day, and the player must interact with the vehicle to refuel it. Customers from NPC browse the merchandise within the shop. A janitor can remove stains that customers may have left behind. Janitors must also clean the surfaces of any solar panels that have been placed because dust lowers the efficiency of solar panels, which lowers the quantity of power generated. To enhance the appearance of the station, janitors might also clean the windows. For a customer to purchase goods, there must be at least one player working as a clerk at the cash register. Players have the option to use their own money or the station’s budget to replenish product stockpiles when they get low.

A key component of the game is managing the station’s finances because running out of money causes the station to go bankrupt. All participants are removed from the game and a new one can begin when a station goes bankrupt.

With our list of Gas Station Simulator codes for December 2023, you can find freebies if you’re hunting for them. You can learn how to redeem in Gas Station Simulator below if you’re unsure how to do it.

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The codes listed below are all valid. We manually checked each one of them for you. Get moving before they run out! Every time a new active code becomes available, we’ll update this article.

Working Gas Station Simulator codes

New codes for December 2023:

  • Christmas2022 – Money, Tokens, & Clothing
  • v1.3.9v4 – Money and Tokens
  • freemanager –Manager for your Gas Station
  • SmallRoomSmallReward – Clothing

Working Gas Station Simulator codes

Expired Gas Station Simulator codes

  • There are no expired Gas Station Simulator codes.

How do I redeem codes in Gas Station Simulator?

Following these simple instructions will allow you to redeem codes for December 2023 in the Roblox Gas Station Simulator:

  • After starting the game, select the Twitter button.
  • A new window for entering a code will appear.
  • Copy one of the above-mentioned effective codes here.
  • To receive your free prizes, click Enter.

Where do I get more codes for Gas Station Simulator?

Join the game’s official Discord server to receive news, updates, and to talk with other players in order to uncover more codes. Otherwise, we’ll be adding all of the most recent codes to this wiki, so be sure to check back often!

What are Gas Station Simulator Codes?

Developers and publishers give away free goods to their communities via codes. They typically come in the shape of a string of numbers and letters that you may use in-game to obtain free items.

These freebies might come in a variety of packages, including boosts, skins, and in-game money. They frequently appear around significant occasions, such as launches or updates, and remain for a brief period of time before disappearing.