Genshin Impact: Beginner’s tips to help you get started

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Good afternoon. We offer you a list of top tips for playing Genshin Impact that will help you if you are new to the game, as well as already aiming for 50 AR.

First tip

Don’t spread yourself thin on all the characters. There are so many characters in the game and you can find questions on streamers threads: “oops, I have a level 45 adventure and the character doesn’t do damage”. The biggest problem is that some guys want to evenly pump their characters and spend resources not only on the main pack, but on all the others. As a result, they end up having a conditional 10-15 level 50-60 level characters and the same level of weapons for 45 AR. Obviously the characters won’t do damage, you’ll get frustrated and may lose the desire to play.


  • Choose a pack of heroes you want to play up to level 40, or even earlier. No big deal if you have a few more pumped up to 30-40th or even 50-th, which you do not play, much more offensive would be to have at 45th all the heroes at one not high level. It is important that the packs do not have to consist of at least one 5-star hero. In this game, deal a lot of damage can ANY character, the main thing is properly pumped.
  • An aside about the Twisted Abyss. Obviously, starting at some floor will require 2 packs of heroes. Real experience: “I took my time passing the abyss, encountered difficulties and could not pass the conditional 7 or 8 floor. Having played for two weeks with the main pack, I was not only able to pass these floors, but also close all the floors with 3 stars. Again, you can pass almost any floor, you just need to understand that at the moment, the Geo DD tutus and the second Piro DD tutus are great.
  • There is a basic tutu with which to play in the normal world. In the abyss we divide it into two desired parts and add both there and there two characters with the element you need. Example: for the floor, where you need a Hydro character on the saport, we take either Xin Qiu or Barbara (she is always in one of the packs, since you need a hit).
  • There’s no problem if you pumped one weapon and you got a better one. You can safely invest it in pumping a better weapon, and the excess experience will return to you resources improvement.

Second tip

An equally important point is to spend your daily resin, which accumulates daily. It’s simple: you have to make sure that the resin does not accumulate to 160 out of 160, because you are essentially freezing your progress. Even if you don’t need anything now and resources are plentiful, that doesn’t mean it will be the same later.


I can tell you from experience that when I started playing, I didn’t follow the resin at all. I was just running around and exploring the world, opening chests, doing quests and stuff. I was at most running for art to elevate weapons. Yeah, it was stupid of me, but I even the weak resin, which is in the form of a moon, and is given to you for getting almost every AR on the initial tap, just activated and didn’t spend it. This is a terrible mistake on my part, since I didn’t realize its importance and wasted more than a thousand free resins.

About the weak resin. I would advise you to save it up until level 45. Level 45 is important because you’ll have legendary artifacts dropping and if you drain it all down to 45, then it’s going to be pretty bad afterwards. I realized this at level 40 and accumulated somewhere around 11-13 weak resins, so to say and it’s not bad, but not enough. The essence of the interval from 45 to 50 is that in this long period you will be farming artifacts for his main pack.

One more thing: as far as I’m concerned, spending 50 primogems a day on resin is good. If you already have your main pack and you’re not that interested in other characters, it’s okay to invest 50 primogems a day on extra resin.

Third tip

If you don’t know what to do in the world, look at how much you’ve closed each region. If you seem to have closed quests and no daily resin, and the region is not closed at 100%, then look for chests. In update 1.1 there are compasses for each region that will help you with finding chests. Some people underestimate their importance and think they are dust, but at a distance they bring a huge amount of artifacts to improve weapons, hero levels, AR experience and art that you can throw in to improve 4 or 5-star art.

Fourth tip

Plan your pumping ahead of time. Basically, this tip is most important when going to level 50.


As I said earlier, from 45 to 50 you are knocking out artifacts. If you have accumulated 40 or more weak resin by 45, you will drain it for artifacts at first. Next, I would advise going to bosses that you will need to pump at 50. For example, I have two Piro’s in my main pack and I ran into the fact that I don’t have enough crystals to elevate at 80th. I also have Pyro for abyss and now I’m going to be dropping damage for a while. Now I will be walking around on the bosses that I need.

DO NOT waste resin on knocking out the perfect art. You will be wasting a lot of resin. I knocked out some good ones and sets with good to great art by level 47, but that’s where I made a mistake. Persians up to 80th major I pumped, weapons too, and what to do? I gave up and lazy to go to the bosses and scored on the talent books, and went to knock out the perfect art.

How should I do: Since 45th looking for good (not perfect) art, kill the bosses we need (I advise to kill the bosses to pump up the characters only those you want), and most importantly – go to the talent books. Talent books are super important. Many people underestimate them and think that cool art is much better than these talents, but this is a huge misconception. Talent boosts are a 100% increase in damage and character utility. That’s why spending resin on good (not perfect) art and talent books is the most important thing.

Again, knock out the good arts – score on them and do not stoop to knocking them out to the perfect, and after, or combine it all with the books. And further, if you rocked and Persians and weapons main pack to the 80th, the talents are unlikely to be pumped to the maximum, and the 50th is not far off, so I advise to save up talent books and art, needed to elevate the Persian and weapon.

Fifth Tip

Maura, experience books and crystals to improve weapons. These two aspects are also extremely important. Until level 40, I did not notice the lack of these two resources. But further on it became something that is always needed. Especially advise to stockpile mora and experience books for the 50th, because there they need just a ton. I haven’t raised up to 90 yet, and I’m probably wrong here, but you need about 170 PURPLE books to raise ONE character from 80th to 90th, and there are 4 such characters in the main pack. I advise to make at least two books for two Persian to 50 AR to immediately improve them, and pestilence.

Yeah, about the crystals for the guns. I was not engaged in their direct farming until about 43 th level. I advise you to mine crystals to improve the weapon, and the silver ore will not be superfluous, to mine every day and every day you can make 30 units, to pump weapons.

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Some may think: “yes, I am not a beginner, I already have a 40 + rank. As I think my advice will be useful and they are not from the degree, a la: “until you beat five can not play normally” etc. So just play for fun, do not stray into the search for characters, as sooner or later will fall out, and wanted, and did not want, because there are no bad characters, and there are bad advice and improper pumping.

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