Girl Cafe Gun – Game tips and strategies

Last Updated on 06.02.2023

Girl Cafe Gun is a game that combines everything: shooting, battles, cute female warriors and even a cute cafe. There are interesting locations and storyline, where you will be not only the manager of your cafe, but also will be fighting a lot of enemies and enemies. The combat system in this game really makes you want to play this game. Constant firefights are waiting for you, which make every battle tense, dynamic and very exciting.

The game features two main game modes. Combat mode, where players control a squad of pretty female warriors. And also a cafe simulator, where you will interact with the characters and get to know their stories, in parallel revealing the main plot. The game definitely stands out among the others. All the action in it takes place in real time.

If you’re just starting to play Girl Gun Cafe, here are some tips and notes you can use. Read carefully, because promo codes for Girl Gun Cafe are waiting for you, which will give you an advantage at the start.

Girl Cafe Gun Beginners Guide and Tips

Dodge, not attack

You’ll agree that it’s always tempting to just press the attack button and watch your character destroy all the enemies in one shot. But in Girl Cafe Gun this is not the best tactic, because when you shoot, your character moves much slower, and you remain open to enemy attacks. For beginners, we advise you to choose defensive tactics rather than attacking. Try to dodge, it will come in handy for you. We strongly recommend spending some time at the beginning of the game to learn how to move and dodge properly. Practice this skill on bosses that have weaker defense and have less speed. This way, you’ll be able to dodge and counterattack.

Learn all about the elements

Battles in Girl cafe Gun are more than just endless fights. In addition to hitting the attack button, you also need to know all about your opponents’ elements and use their weaknesses during combat.

There are five types of elements in the game, which are similar to those featured in other RPGs. Only here they have slightly different names. Biological, Mechanical, Psionic, Erosive and Immune. So how does this work?

If you attack an enemy and see that the damage numbers are gray, you are doing too little damage. But if the numbers are white or orange, you are dealing normal and increased damage respectively. Use these hints. They will help you in passing the levels and defeating the strongest bosses.

Girl Cafe Gun codes - free in-game items

Use promo codes to get extra bonuses

Over time, you’ll learn how to dodge attacks, distinguish between elements and easily defeat your enemies. But there is something you can get right away when you enter the game. The developers of Girl Cafe Gun have provided us with exclusive promo codes for March 2023 that you can use and get interesting items for them.

These codes can be used at any time. You will only be able to get the rewards after you unlock the Terminal function after completing Steps 1-5.