Guide to Call of Duty: Mobile. Tips to help you become more efficient

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Call of Duty: Mobile is a popular multiplayer shooter with dynamic battles on complex, detailed maps. Not all battles will end with your victory, and most of them will be lost, not due to the fault of your teammates. Most often, the reason for losing is your and your teammates’ lack of understanding of the basic mechanics and tactics of the game.

In this guide you will learn how to increase your probability of winning in CoD: Mobile and how to improve the quality of your game.

Choose the right positions and use cover

All the levels in Call of Duty: Mobile are designed in such a way that there are a lot of different passages, entanglements and covers. A good knowledge of maps helps to dramatically increase the efficiency of your game. You will be able to predict where your enemies are going to move to, where to retreat and where to hide. But it takes time to learn the ins and outs of this game.

In the initial stages, the most effective tactic is to play defense. Fighting in open space with a high probability will not end in your favor. That’s why it’s better to meet your enemies near a suitable shelter. Even if the battle goes not according to the planned scenario, you can always hide behind the wall, a corner of the house or a parked car to restore health.

On some maps, shelters are arranged in groups. This allows you to move relatively safely, shooting enemies from different angles. The main thing is to control your surroundings, so you don’t get stabbed in the back.

When choosing cover, think in advance about where you plan to retreat to. This is especially important for snipers. A long-range rifle does impressive damage but has a low rate of fire. During the time it takes to reload, the enemy will be able to detect your position. To avoid this, you must periodically change your firing point and have an escape route. This way your chances of surviving will be considerably increased.

Almost all shelters can be bypassed from several sides. There are no perfect positions, so you should not sit in one place. The best tactic is to change positions, and it is important not to move too far from the teammates. In the case of problems, there is a chance that they will come to your aid.

Avoid standard positions.

As you learn the maps you’ll determine the points in which most often occur fighting, remember the appropriate shelters, as well as ways to retreat. It’s important to understand that good ambush positions and convenient roadblocks are familiar to experienced players – they check those places first.

Fans of online shooters may be familiar with the term Off Angles or Off-ing Angles. It means an atypical position that is close to the standard cover. By taking such positions, you will be able to surprise the enemy and get extra seconds to react to the appearance of the enemy.

However, you shouldn’t keep taking the same places all the time. You risk becoming predictable. Experienced players will quickly remember your style and “punish” you for not wanting to change tactics. It’s not a question of drastic changes. Make a couple of steps away from the previous position – it will be enough to surprise your opponent.

Play in team

Call of Duty: Mobile is a team game, so don’t disregard the opportunity to unite with your friends in one unit. So you will get the bonus experience and will be able to use different tactics.

Very effective tactic is the “bait”. In this case, one of the members of the team takes the obvious position, and from time to time shows his enemies. As soon as the enemies react to him, the fighter retreats, “pulling” the opponents under the fire of his squad.

This tactic works on all maps. The main thing to do is to take the right positions. Remember that you can’t always use the same “tricks”. Over time, even beginners will figure out your tactics, and they will stop working.

Closely watch the repetition of moments

Replays will be a source of useful information. Short reels will be shown after every your death. In them, you can see all the actions of the enemy – where he came from, what weapons he used, how he shot, etc.

Thanks to the kill repetitions, you will see all your mistakes and understand how to act more effectively.

Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks


To play Call of Duty: Mobile efficiently, you need two things – the ability to find the right position and to react to the changing situation. It is also worth to enlist the help of your friends – it is not only much more interesting, but also much easier to play in the company.

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