Higan: Eruthyll codes for February 2024 – free giftboxs, potions and credits

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Higan: Eruthyll is a strategy game set in a universe called Eruthyll, where you fight evil opponents. To do so, you will be given invaluable assistance by a group of warriors who engage in every battle, applying their best skills.

Higan: Eruthyll has impressive 3D graphics reminiscent of other games such as Honkai Impact 3. Dynamically, you can watch the progress of each heroine as they fight different enemies. To fight, click on the maps that appear on the right side of the interface and try to continuously perform attacks.

Depending on the characteristics of each opponent, you will need different tactics to gain an advantage over your enemies. On the other hand, the game also features episodes with dialogues, thanks to which you can get to know the protagonists better. However, as you progress through the missions, you will also have to level up your characters and get items that you can use later.

Embark on an adventure where you will fight relentlessly, trying to save humanity from certain death.

You may obtain all of the in-game bonuses as soon as Bilibili Games adds them to their new game by using our collection of Higan: Eruthyll codes for February 2024.

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Active Higan: Eruthyll codes

New gift codes for February 2024:

  • NewYear24 
  • WelcomeA
  • WelcomeB
  • WelcomeC 
  • WelcomeD
  • MerryChristmas
  • HappyStNicholasD
  • 2023Thanksgiving
  • HappyHalloween
  • TIMAEUSS – Heartbeat Gift box 10+ Long lasting Gift box x20+ 30k Credit
  • HEgachagaming – 300 Standard dubriostal + Fine with potion x2+ 20k Credit
  • CHAOTICHE46 – Heartbeat Gift box x10+ Long lasting gift box x20+ 30k Credit
  • FreeSSRrewards – 10 Standard dubriostal + 20k Credit
  • RealtimePVPbattles – 10 Intermediate Material select box+ 10k Credit
  • 3DrealtimecombatRPG – 5 Basic Select Material Box + 5 Prototype Stone custom box + 10k Credit
  • Letsplaytogether – 5 Quadruple Stone custom Box+ 10k Credit
  • HiganEruthyll0406 – 2 Fine wit potion + 20k Credit
  • THEANIMEMAN – 10 Quadrople Stone Custom Box + 20 Prototype Stone custom box
  • HACKSMITH – 5 Fine wit potion+ 10 Standard wit potion + 50k Credit
  • XLICEHE46 – 50 Standard dubriostal + 10 Standard wit potion + 30k Credit
  • DISHHE46 – 30 basic select material Box+ 10 Fine wit potion + 15 Intermediate selected box
  • VARSHE46 – 30 basic select material Box + 10 Fine wit potion + 15 Intermediate selected box
  • GACHAGAMER – 10 Quadruple Stone custom Box + 20 Prototype Stone custom box
  • VOLTYEAHE46 – 50 Standard dubriostal + 10 Standard wit potions + 30K Credit
  • THELAZYPEON – 30 Basic selected material Box + 10 Fine wit potion + 15 Intermediate Select box
  • ANTONYCHEN – 50 Standard dubriostal + 10 Standard wit potions + 30k Credit
  • TECHSOURCE – 5 Fine wit potions + 10 Standard wit potions + 50k Credit
  • GAMETOONS – 5 Fine wit potions + 10 Standard Wit potion + 50k Credit
  • GIGGUKHE46 – 50k Credit + Fine Wit Potion Blue 5+Standar Wit Potion x10
  • HIGANNIJISANJIEN – Select Mat Box 20 + Credit 80k + Star Sigil Purple 1 + Peerles Gift box x10
  • CAGEOFDESIRE – Star Sigil Purple x1 + Peerles Giftbox x10+Select Material 20 + Intermediate Select Box x10 + Credit 80k
  • VOLKINHE46 – Heartbeat Gift box x10 + Long Lasting Gift box 20 + Credit 30k
  • BRAXOPHONE – 20 x Prototype stone custom box + 10 x Quadruple stone customs box

Active Higan: Eruthyll codes

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to redeem Higan: Eruthyll promo codes?

The processes to redeeming codes are as follows:

  • Start Higan: Eruthyll.
  • Find the button responsible for the codes.
  • Enter the gift codes for February 2024.
  • Enjoy the rewards.

Why doesn’t my code work?

The two most probable causes of your code failing to function when you try to redeem it are the following:

  • The code has run out.
  • It’s already been redeemed.

Most of the promo codes distributed by developers have expiration dates that are usually hidden. We constantly verify the gift codes on this list to ensure that they are all current for February 2024, but occasionally we fail to notice that a code has expired.

Since you frequently can only use a code per account once, it’s critical to keep track of your usage.

Where to get more codes?

All new codes will be added to this article as they become available. Although the creator of Higan: Eruthyll, Bilibili, is likely to release unique codes there as well, like on the game’s official Twitter or Facebook page, you should also keep an eye on those accounts.

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