Honkai Impact 3rd: Tips for Beginners

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Honkai Impact 3rd has a lot of going for it, especially if you haven’t been into the series in years. Newcomers who tried the game on a whim or discovered it on PC after it debuted on Steam may feel completely overwhelmed. Even Genshin Impact players who want another taste of MiHoYo’s beautiful game design may experience a mild shock when they notice that it has everything to keep an eye on.

Tips for Playing Honkai Impact 3rd for Beginners

The number of characters and items that regularly populate your list, not to mention the various currencies and materials you’ll need to develop them, is more than enough to make your head spin. That’s why we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to help you make sense of it all and understand the basic mechanics of the game.

Honkai Impact 3rd Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Strategies

Advancing through the game and navigating in Honkai Impact

Every time you enter the game, you are taken to a central hub and given information about the daily rewards and various events taking place in the game. Stocking up on these daily freebies is a great way to get a head start when it’s time to upgrade and improve your Valkyrie.

There are four main buttons on the center block on the right side of the screen. They are Attack, Valkyrie, Equipment, and Supply. Here’s what they do.


The “Attack” button takes you to the story page where you can review your progress, get rewards for completed story stages, and select the next story stage.

By completing story stages, you gain experience to upgrade your captain level and increase the level of the Valkyrie that participated in the completed stage. The captain’s level increase will allow you to complete further story missions.


The Valkyrie button takes you to the ranks of Valkyries, where you can control the skills, weapons, and stigmata of each as they level up. You can also raise their level manually from this page if they are not developing fast enough through experience.

As they level up, Valkyries will unlock new skills and be able to improve the ones they already have. They will also need to keep an eye out for the latest weapon improvements and upgrades, which we will cover a little later.


The “Equipment” button opens the inventory, where you can view your arsenal of weapons, as well as collections of stigmata and Valkyrie fragments and material stores. This is where you can make an inventory. For example, in the Weapons and Stigmata tabs, you can quickly analyze which ones are in use and view any new ones that have arrived so that your Valkyries are equipped with the best gear and support. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to take stock of all the income that has flashed by as it accumulates through missions, achievements, and other rewards.


The “Supplies” button takes you to the in-game store and to the “Supplies” tab. Supply is a “gacha” feature in Honkai, a bubblegum-style lottery to get new characters. The game has a standard dorm supply, and several others, including limited-time supply draws, which are cyclical. Several different material rewards are available in each supply draw.

They all cost crystals, Honkai Impact’s main premium currency, and single draws will quickly eat up your earnings. But by investing in x10 rewards draws, you’re guaranteed to get a certain number or rank of Valkyries, weapons, or stigmas. That’s why we recommend saving your money. If you play the game regularly and have the foresight to save up crystals, you can probably play one of the x10 Rewards Drawings at least once or even twice a week.

Honkai Impact Combat Mechanics

Honkai Impact 3rd uses a rock-paper-scissor-style combat system, where each Valkyrie belongs to a different type. The three types you are first introduced to are Biological (Bio), Psychic (Psy), and Mechanical (Mech). They interact with each other as follows:

  • Biological is effective against Mental;
  • Psy is effective against Mech;
  • Mech is effective against Biological.

There is also Quantum (QUA) and Imaginary (IMG), which are not particularly effective or susceptible to any of the other three, but have unique, powerful skills and striking maneuvers.

You will enter story stages with a team of three Valkyries. Inactive team members will appear on the right side of the screen during combat, and you can swap them according to their strengths and weaknesses.

With gacha-based character collecting, you’ll have plenty of Valkyries to choose from, so you can focus on a few favorites when you accumulate more. You’ll want to get a feel for each Valkyrie’s fighting style and learn their different attacks and combos. By familiarizing yourself with how each of your favorite Valkyries performs, you’ll be able to better utilize them on the battlefield. You will also be able to use them more effectively as a team.

Teamwork is very important in Honkai Impact 3rd. There are special maneuvers that allow you to perform exchange and strike tactics. To make your attack as effective as possible, you need to position yourself correctly for the swap and have an idea of what the Valkyrie swapping with you is going to strike with. For example, Armor’s special attack draws enemies to each other and then allows the other Valkyrie to join the attack and deal massive damage to trapped enemies. But if you swap a Valkyrie whose type is ineffective against these types of enemies, you will waste a big maneuver and the result will be negligible.

Aside from knowing your Valkyries and the effectiveness of their types, the only fundamental aspect you need to master is evasion. The game tutorial will teach you this in some detail, and that’s because it’s a very useful tactic to master from the start. When a pink streak of light animation appears on your enemy, press the dodge button to dodge the attack. Dodging in time will result in a time freeze, allowing you to shoot at the enemy and deal huge damage.

Don’t forget to collect rewards for completing story stages to replenish supplies for the improvements and upgrades needed for further progress.


How to get a Valkyrie

Most of your Valkyries will be obtained through casting. So it’s best to save up crystals to spend on x10 draws to guarantee yourself the chance of getting a new Valkyrie. You can also get new Valkyries for completing random story stages or as a reward for various other levels or achievements.

Preparing Valkyries for Battle

While they level up through experience, you will have to manage various improvements and enhancements to your Valkyries. This applies to their weapons, skills and stigmata.

  • Weapons – Upgrading a weapon increases its level, and improving it increases its star rating. Weapon upgrades can also give them new skills.
  • Skills – As we mentioned earlier, Valkyries will unlock new skills as they level up. These are essentially passive skills that either reinforce the Valkyrie’s active skills or are automatically triggered when the Valkyrie performs a certain action. You’ll need to activate them and upgrade them for gold, but it’s a relatively simple aspect of the game to keep up to date. Just remember to check for new skills on the Valkyrie page every time a Valkyrie’s level is upgraded
  • Stigmata – Although they have many faces, Stigmata are essentially performance upgrades that offer better performance when used in sets with the same stigma. Their star rating also affects their effectiveness. Stigmas with the best star ratings are usually looked for, rather than making a matching set. But you should also be sure that stigma enhancement will strengthen the skill set of the Valkyrie you equip it with. If the stigma does not provide adequate support, there is no point in using it at all.

Most of these investments require materials and various forms of premium currency, all of which you can earn through natural gameplay progression, as well as get with Honkai Impact codes for February 2024 at pocket-codes.com. However, you can occasionally purchase a few individual items in the in-game store if you really want to strengthen a certain Valkyrie.