Idle Angels beginner’s guide. Characteristics of angels, combat system and other features of the game

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Idle Angels is an RPG for Android by MUJOY Games. In it, users control angels who fight against monsters of chaos. To help you quickly get into the essence of the game and understand its mechanics, we have prepared a brief guide for beginners.

In the main menu of Idle Angels, you will find five tabs, from which players get access to the various functions of the game.

  • Hall. Here you can summon new heroes, melt extra equipment, complete daily quests, and participate in PvP battles. As you level up, additional features will be unlocked and available in the Hall. Also, here you can choose the angel you have on your profile avatar.
  • Angel. Here you can manage and improve your angels and keep track of which characters you don’t already have.
  • Battle. By going to this section, you can take part in battles against monsters or bosses.
  • Guild. Here you can find or create angel guilds to then complete special quests and receive rewards.
  • Chat. A section where players communicate with other users.

Beginner's Guide for Idle Angels

Characteristics of Angels

Angels are the main characters of Idle Angels. There are about a hundred characters in the game, of which you can recruit a team by calling or collecting fragments of angels.

Angels come in three classes: Mage, Warrior and Archer. The type of character determines his fighting style. For example, mages specialize in magical attacks and affect multiple enemies simultaneously. Warriors are specialists in offensive attacks on the front lines. Archers, on the other hand, are great at dealing damage from a distance.

Each angel is unique not only in appearance but also in skills. Active skills are strong special attacks that heroes use periodically during battles, while passive abilities work on their own and do not need to be recharged. Additional skills can be unlocked by awakening an angel.

Each Angel is characterized by rarity. The rarer an Angel is, the more valuable he is to your squad. Finding such a hero is not easy, rare characters are often worth an order of magnitude more than ordinary heroes. Here are all the rarity classes of angels in Idle Angels: SSR+ > SSR > SR+ > SR > R+ > R > N.

Angel Fate

Fate is a special feature that gives an angel a temporary boost during combat, such as extra strength for area attacks.

To find out an angel’s fate, go to the “Angel” tab, select a character and click on the icon that resembles two diamonds.

Angels can have more than one fate. Sometimes it is required to have specific angels on the team – if this condition is met, the holder of the destiny gets a powerful boost.

Damage of each class of angels

In Idle Angels, an angel’s abilities can be strengthened or, conversely, weakened depending on which class of enemy you are dealing with.

When one angel’s class dominates another, the opponent takes 20% more damage. If a weaker angel attacks a stronger one, the damage to the latter is reduced to 10%.

Class Deals 20% more damage when it attacks: Receives 10% less damage when attacked by Receives 20% more damage when attacked by:
Warrior Archer Archer Mage
Mage Warrior Warrior Archer
Archer Mage Mage Warrior


Autobattle and Formation

Your team is a squad of six angels who participate in battles against monsters and bosses. At the beginning of the game, a limited number of slots are available in the squad – you need to gradually open them, increasing the level of the angels. Six substitute heroes can be added to the squad to take over if the main squad member is lost.

Idle Angels has a feature where replacing a stronger angel with a weaker one in the lineup causes the attributes of the more powerful character to be passed on to the teammate. You can choose not to use this option and keep the original attributes of the less-powered angel.

Boss Battles

In Idle Angels, you can fight bosses in turn-based combat mode. The main development of the story takes place through such battles.

The order in which your angels strike depends on their position in the formation. Angels in the front row attack first. It is recommended to place Archers and Mages in the back and Warriors in the front row.

When it is angels’ turn to attack, they reveal their skills. Active hero abilities must be periodically recharged – for this, angels make two normal attacks before they can use their skills again. An angel must have enough mana before using an active skill. If the hero has not enough mana (this can be seen on the blue bar next to the character icon), he will make a normal attack instead. Angels will not be able to apply any skill if they have a stun or other effect applied. Enemies can also dodge your characters’ attacks.

The health of an angel is indicated by a red rim on its icon. If an angel is destroyed, he can be replaced by another character from your team, provided you’ve taken care of a replacement fighter beforehand.

The goal of a boss battle is to defeat it in 30 rounds or fewer. If you can’t beat him in the allotted number of turns, the battle will be lost.

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Idle Angels codes

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