Idle Berserker codes for June 2023 – in-game items

Last Updated on 10.06.2023

Idle Berserker – a cocktail of hurricane action and “lazy” gameplay.

A wanderer wandering the lands of Gasgaia is mortally wounded. It would seem that death is inevitable. Suddenly, out of the blue, a mysterious stranger appears and miraculously saves our hero.

However, even before the stranger has had time to repay his salvation, the stranger is stolen in order to be sacrificed to the black dragon Trakan. Now, in order to rescue his savior, the hero has to sign a contract with the devil himself and turn into a berserker possessed by mad rage.

You can use in-game codes for June 2023 in Idle Berserker to instantly win various prizes as well. Players can use the codes provided by the developers to redeem necessary things and jumpstart their experience.

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Working Idle Berserker codes

Valid gift codes for June 2023:

  • IDLE0610
  • idle0609
  • update0608
  • IDLE0531
  • IDLE0530
  • IDLE0529
  • IDLE0528
  • IDLE0527
  • IDLE0526
  • IDLE0525
  • update0524
  • IDLE0524
  • IDLE0523
  • IDLE0522
  • IDLE0521
  • IDLE0520
  • IDLE0519
  • IDLE0518
  • update0511
  • IDLE0510
  • IDLE0509
  • IDLE0508
  • IDLE0507
  • IDLE0506
  • IDLE0504
  • IDLE0424
  • IDLE0423
  • IDLE0422
  • IDLE0421
  • UPDATE0420
  • idlexnuguri
  • IDLE0420
  • IDLE0419
  • IDLE0418
  • IDLE0417
  • IDLE0416
  • IDLE0415
  • IDLE0414
  • IDLE0413
  • idle0412
  • idle0402
  • thankyou
  • idle0401
  • idle0331
  • manman
  • berserkerx99
  • update0330
  • idle0330
  • update0330
  • idle0329
  • idle0328 
  • idle0327 
  • idle0326 
  • idle0325 
  • idle0324 
  • idle0323
  • idle0322 
  • idle0321
  • idle0320
  • idle0313
  • idle0312
  • idle0311
  • update0310
  • idle0310
  • idle0309
  • idle0308
  • idle0307
  • IDle0306
  • idlE0305
  • iDle0304
  • idle0303
  • IDLE0302
  • 19190301
  • UPDATE0224
  • IDLE0222 
  • IDLE0221
  • IDLE0220
  • IDLE0219
  • IDLE0218
  • IDLE0217
  • IDLE0216
  • IDLE0215
  • IDLE0214
  • IDLE0213
  • UPDATE0209

To avoid mistakes, make sure you enter the code exactly as it’s listed above, including special characters and case (upper and lower case letters). It’s best to copy the code and paste it into the right field in the game.

Working Idle Berserker codes

Expired codes

  • IDLE0205
  • IDLE0204
  • IDLE0203
  • IDLE0202

How should I use my IDLE Berserker coupons?

Not sure how to enter the IDLE Berserker redemption codes for June 2023? Below are the simple instructions for using the redemption codes in just a few steps:

  • Start the game. In the top right corner of the screen, tap the Menu symbol.
  • When a new window appears, select Settings and then press the Enter coupon button.
  • In the textbox, type the IDLE Berserker codes that were previously provided.
  • After you click the Redeem button, your prize will appear in-game right away.

How do I use a promo codes on iOS?

New Idle Berserker codes: how to get them?

On websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Discord, IDLE Berserker promo codes for June 2023 are published. For important occasions like milestones, festivals, partnerships, and special events, the developer typically releases new codes. As most hacks and purported cheats don’t function or result in account suspension, we never share them. After they become available, we will update this article with all the new redemption codes. Bookmark and check this website often so that you don’t miss out on new codes.