Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms – A quick and cheap guide to the passage!

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

If you are a beginner, you will find that the game revolves around unlocking many champions, because quests are very picky and patrons are blocked. So aim to unlock champions to get patrons!

For each unlocked patron (maximum 4), you can get a key to the Time Gate and a Modron chest for free per week. This is important because the keys to the Temporary Gate drop out in a limited amount (1/week+-).

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms - Tips and Tricks

Major Champions

Since you, as I said, are going to use patrons, you should take the best champions in the game (at the moment), Freely and Zorbu.

Freely has an ability that gives favor for each completed area with him in formation, and Zorbu has an ability that increases his damage and is saved through resets.

You will need to farm Zorba to increase DPS, but he will easily bypass your main DPS and will increase it only at the beginning and middle of the game. When you reach a really high level of favor and equipment, Asharra will become the best DPS, but until that moment you have to go through a lot of tests.


Now that you have unlocked the best champions, we can focus on the speed champions. All speed champions belong to the S-level because fast play = gems.

Speed! This mechanic is used in Speed Potions. In the description of the potion, you can see that the speed of the game is limited, and this applies to most speed buffs so that the game does not break, but you will need a lot of speed to get to the point where the game almost breaks anyway.

  • Champions: Deakin, Shandie, Melf.

Spawn Increase: This mechanic can be seen on the Minsc of the 8 original champions, enemies appear more often when you have damage to kill them quickly = faster levels = more gems.

  • Champions: Widdle, Minsk, Melf.

Reduce the requirements for quests: That’s a good thing, the 17 item needed to complete the area is much faster than 25.

  • Champion: Sentry.

Increased item dropout: Adds up well with the Sentry. (I may be wrong, but an item can only be dropped twice once).

  • Champions: Heew Man, Melf.

Skip level: Champion-runner: Brive.

Brive has a unique ability that allows him to say “come on” and jump over several levels, receiving a reward for it. The only disadvantage is that in order for him to jump, his ability must be stacked during other resets.

Melfa’s ability can trigger a random speed buff, so it appears in almost all categories.

Modron Core

If you have free champions in all the bench slots, you can take the quest and unlock Modron Core. If you have an unlocked quest, complete it! (it’s pretty simple with a bit of gear).

With the help of the modron core, you can set up auto-reset and auto-scaling of formations (for this you will need acquaintances).

After unlocking, the modron cores will only improve your game. You will have to find a Google solution to make your automation work with the parts that you have.

Please note that the modron core, which you get for free, is the best in damage, and the second (speed core) is the best for mining gems. The third buffs’ melee champions, and at this stage of the game there is not a single viable DPS worth buying. And we will break the game so that the melee DPS will no longer matter anyway.

Finally breaking the game

Now we can play the game the way it shouldn’t have been played. Also known as Click/Debuff Meta.

This works because champions can only be leveled up to a certain level, and some of their buffs stop increasing, but click damage can always increase, and debuffs that deal more damage to a monster also work on clicks (some debuffs don’t work on click damage).

So, you have the first debuffer (one of the strongest), now you need to get the rest and equip them.

  • If you’re too lazy, I’ll leave my choice of debuffers here.
  • Akira (with Artemis and Nrakk to stack her smaller recoveries, the debuff is just absurd)
  • Freely (a good debuffer with a skill that imposes a debuff)
  • Gromma (a good debuffer in the Arctic specialization)
  • Aila (best tank, debuffing skill, synergy with the sentry for the Aerois Synergy
  • debuff)Sentry (tanks, but works as a debuffer only with Ayla)
  • Krull (good gold search and debuff)
  • Beadle and Grimm (strange long rest ability, but you need a Grimm with a lot of long rest stacks)
  • Strikes + Varden (both in the same slot, Varden can apply his debuff several times, and then can be replaced with a Strix for the “Stinky Lunch” debuff.

You will also need Jim, because for some reason when using click/debuff, one enemy always remains on the screen during boss levels, and you want to turn him into a chicken and keep climbing, getting an absurd amount of services.

If Jim turns the last enemy into a mimic, equip Azaka as your champions, found for gold, and use her skills to get a lot of favor and more damage from clicks to rise higher. This is known as Kazaki farm, and there are ways to improve her farm.

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