Idle Heroes – Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

Idle Heroes is a multifaceted and complex game. It’s easy to get lost in it in the beginning, but don’t despair, because this guide will help you. If you stick to it, you will soon understand everything, and you will be able to spend your time with Idle Heroes in a fun and interesting way!

At the beginning of the game, most of the content is blocked, so you have to do everything in a strict order (later on the game will give you more freedom of action). This kind of artificial slow progression is often met with hostility by players, but in Idle Heroes we are taught by an incredibly nice lady, so let’s make an exception!

Idle Heroes Game Guide

Heroes and Factions

As you have already guessed, this game is dedicated to heroes (the idle part of the game is responsible for the free loot obtained through autobattle). The level of heroes varies from one to five stars. A hero’s level determines his basic characteristics (health, attack, defense, speed) as well as his special abilities. Your ultimate goal is to assemble a squad consisting exclusively of five-star heroes, as they will always (with maximum improvement) be stronger than heroes with fewer stars.

Heroes can be summoned in the Circle of Summoning using the following game items:

  • 1x regular summoning scroll (free every 8 hours) – creates a hero with 1-5 stars
  • 1x Heroic Summoning Scroll (free of charge every 24 hours) – Creates a hero with 3 to 5 stars.
  • 10x heart (tradable with friends) – creates a hero with 2-5 stars

In the beginning you get two free heroes (one regular, one heroic), but regularly summon others!

Each hero belongs to one of six factions. Factions don’t matter much, but you will get certain small squad bonuses if the heroes belong to one faction or another. Our advice is to choose your heroes by their characteristics, not by their faction affiliation.

Get to the fight!

Now that you have your first squad of heroes, it’s time to start killing enemies and earning some loot. This can be done in the Campaign, where you can make your way through different worlds, each of which consists of 10 levels. The first levels are pretty easy, but you should still make sure your heroes are ready for battle.

Click on each character’s icon and improve them as much as you can. This will cost gold and spirit, but will make your characters much stronger. Don’t level up just one hero, but allocate resources to improve each of them. This way, no one in your squad will be jealous of anyone!

Each battle can involve 6 of your heroes, of which 2 are at the front (taking more damage) and 4 are at the back (dealing more damage). Simply place your armored heroes at the front and those that deal the most damage at the back.

From the bag straight to the forge

Winning battles brings you loot. This can be new equipment for your heroes as well as various items.

Equipment increases the characteristics of your heroes, while other items have many different uses.

As soon as you get new equipment after a battle, don’t forget to equip your heroes with it. This way they deal more damage, increase their health, or boost their speed!

If you have any low-level equipment left, you can take it to the blacksmith and forge new, more powerful items. It’s well worth it! After all, who wouldn’t want to defeat their enemies using the Spiked Whip of Flame, a high-level weapon you can find at the blacksmith?

You will surely want to get as many free rewards as possible, as this will allow you to advance faster in the game. Here’s a list of the different activities for which free rewards are given:

  • Get a free gift every 4 hours
  • Get gems for watching videos (20 gems for 1 video) – Regularly use the Hand of Midas
  • Check Limit Events and Cool Events daily for offers and bonuses – Complete as many daily quests as possible
  • Raid events and earn rewards
  • Add friends to send and receive hearts

Higher levels unlock new content

As is often the case in life, you have to spend a lot of time doing chores before you start doing something interesting. Most of the game content is locked in from the start. But as you level up, new and interesting content emerges. This joy of discovering new content is one of our favorite things about this game.

(Players) Friends and Enemies

This is a very popular game at the moment, so it almost always has a high online presence. You should send as many friend requests as possible as soon as you start the game. If they agree, you can send each other hearts (this may seem like an excessive display of friendliness), which are used to summon heroes.

If, like us, you like to test your strength in battles against other players, then head to the Arena and join one of the PvP leagues. It’s another great and exciting way to earn items and other rewards. Of course, the satisfaction of defeating another player is also a reward in itself.

Finally, don’t forget to join a guild so that you and your allies can fight the strongest foes!

To pay or not to pay?

As with all conditionally free games, there is always whether it is a Pay2Win (pay to win) game or not. More often than not, we buy something inexpensive in free games we like to support the developers, whether it’s necessary or not. But that’s where it’s up to each individual to decide for themselves!

The basic idea of Idle Heroes is to buy gems (one of the main currencies in the game). Buying enough of them will bring you VIP status, which, in turn, will give you various bonuses (especially the first 3 VIP levels).

And best of all, you can show off your VIP status to other players in chat! However, VIP status is not transferable between servers. Keep this in mind before you click “Buy”.

Advanced Mechanics

Idle Heroes is a large-scale and complex game, so it’s impossible to break down all of its nuances in one short article. Nevertheless, here are a few important notes on the most important advanced mechanics of the game:

  • Casino: use chips to spin the wheel of fortune and win various bonuses.
  • Prophet’s Tree: summon or replace high-level heroes.
  • Heavenly Island: an empty island in the sky on which the player can build buildings that bring a steady income in the form of resources and other bonuses. – Altar: remove heroes you don’t need by turning them into different resources. – Tavern: another place to complete daily tasks.
  • Marketplace: use gold or gems to buy various items.

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