Legend of Mushroom codes – free diamonds (April 2024)

Last Updated on 12.04.2024

Legend of Mushroom is a thrilling RPG adventure in which you join courageous mushrooms on their quest to find a mystical lamp capable of bestowing upon them extraordinary abilities.

Do you want the newest Legend of Mushroom codes? You’ve arrived to the proper location, then. We’ve gathered the most recent working codes for you to use in this guide to get freebies. These could be in-game goods, currency, boosters, or anything else. We advise you to bookmark this page and return soon as we update this list with new codes as they become available. Joy Nice Games has created a role-playing game called Legend of Mushroom for iOS and Android.

Every day, more and more people play the well-liked game Legend of Mushroom. By exchanging these Legend of Mushroom codes for new goods, boosts, and other benefits, you can gain a competitive advantage. Learn how to activate Legend of Mushroom codes here, which can be used to get free, exclusive stuff.

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New Legend of Mushroom codes

  • LObAac—50 Diamonds, 10 Skill coupons, 10 Pal Coupons, 5 Speedup Coupons (New)
  • GOLDMUSH—100 Diamond, 10 Skill Coupon, 10 Pal Coupon, 5 Speedup Coupon, 10 Pickaxe (New)
  • v2w4x – free rewards
  • happyeid—50 Diamonds, 10 Skill coupons, 10 Pal Coupons, 5 Speedup Coupons
  • 8jIHg4—50 Diamonds, 10 Skill coupons, 10 Pal Coupons, 5 Speedup Coupons
  • u1v3w– use this code for free rewards
  • fa4gb– use this code for free rewards
  • ru34Lb – use this code for free rewards
  • 8jIHg4 – use this code for free rewards
  • hlwJtg—50 Diamonds, 10 Skill coupons, 10 Pal Coupons, 5 Speedup Coupons
  • BUNNY – free rewards
  • TOPMUSH – free rewards
  • CREATOR – free rewards
  • GATLING—50 Diamonds, 10 Skill coupons, 10 Pal Coupons, 5 Speedup Coupons
  • THANKYOU—300 Diamonds, 20 Skill coupons, 20 Pal Coupons, 10 Speedup Coupons
  • LOM2024: 10 Skill Coupons, 10 Pal Coupons, 1,000 Gold, and 50 Diamonds 
  • LOM7777: 10 Skill Coupons, 10 Pal Coupons, 1,000 Gold, and 50 Diamonds
  • WELCOME: 20 Skill Coupons, 20 Pal Coupons, 10 Speedup Coupons, and 200 Diamonds
  • LOM1777 – exclusive rewards
  • LOMVIP – exclusive rewards

Expired codes

  • 3AJ469C05B

How to use Legend of Mushroom codes?

Follow these instructions when you’re ready to enter the code into the game:

  • Launch Legend of Mushroom on your device.
  • Select the Profile icon located on the game screen.
  • A new window will appear; scroll down and locate the Redeem Code button.
  • Input the specified Legend of Mushroom redeem codes into the designated text area.
  • Click the Submit button to promptly receive your in-game rewards.

If your code isn’t working, double-check that you typed it correctly, capitalize it appropriately, and make sure you didn’t add any extra spaces or incorrect punctuation. The code you are attempting to use might not be valid if it still doesn’t function.

How to find new codes?

Since we regularly track down new codes and add them to this list, the quickest approach to obtain fresh Legend of Mushroom codes is to regularly visit this guide.

On various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Discord, Twitter/X, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit, Joy Nice Games developers post the updated codes. New codes are often released by developers via forums or social media accounts. Thus, this is the most effective method for obtaining fresh codes. On noteworthy occasions like collaborations, popular occasions, and significant gaming accomplishments, Joy Nice Games typically releases gift codes. As soon as new activation codes are made available, we will update this list of promo codes. To stay updated on new Legend of Mushroom codes for April 2024, bookmark this page and return often.

What is Legend of Mushroom?

In Legend of Mushroom, a diverse array of mushroom characters awaits your collection, each uniquely designed with its own distinct personality. Given the game’s gacha mechanics, a pivotal aspect of Legend of Mushroom revolves around summoning and acquiring these characters through cards. This allows you to assemble a team of heroes with various combinations to combat enemies within the game. Additionally, you have the opportunity to personalize their outfits, adding a delightful touch to enhance your overall gaming experience.

In Legend of Mushroom, battles unfold automatically, with characters engaging monsters without requiring direct player control. To utilize a mushroom’s special abilities within your team, unlocking them is necessary through leveling up, followed by a simple tap during battles. As your heroes progress through the map, you have the flexibility to switch to other apps or even lock your smartphone while the battles unfold autonomously.

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