Loomian Legacy codes for May 2024 – tokens

Last Updated on 18.05.2024

Roblox Loomian Legacy is an exciting game that takes you on a trip through a large-scale universe. You will encounter, train, and fight a variety of Loomians as you explore this realm. Because every Loomian is different and has a distinct combination of abilities, advantages, and disadvantages, conflicts are an exhilarating and strategic experience.

Roblox Loomian Legacy looks to be an amazing game that will keep you occupied for hours with its gorgeous graphics, compelling plot, and limitless character customization options. Nevertheless, there is still no code redemption system in the game to aid you in your travels.

The game’s codes for May 2024 grant you Boost Tokens, which you can use to purchase LoomiBoosts. While certain LoomiBoosts, like Gleaming Encounters, provide you an advantage in experience, others raise your chances of running into uncommon Loomians.

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Active Loomian Legacy codes

  • Recharge—3 UMV Batteries and 5 Boost Tokens (New)
  • LetsDive— 5 UMV Batteries
  • EggKingTreasure— 10 Boost Tokens
  • BeMine—10 Boost Tokens, 20 Heart Discs, and a Bouquet
  • JollySendoff—10 Boost Tokens
  • NewYearNewCode— 10 Boost Tokens
  • NewYear2024— 10 Boost Tokens
  • Yay100k—special Choochew reskin
  • Sw1mWithMe – exclusive Vari reskin and mount
  • Get10Tokens — 10 Boost Tokens

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to use Loomian Legacy codes?

To redeem codes in Loomian Legacy, adhere to the guidelines provided below.

  • Open Roblox and launch Loomian Legacy.
  • Go to your Shopping Cart at the top of your screen (This will not unlock until you get your first Loomian).
  • To access the Redeem Code text field, click the Codes button.
  • In the text field labeled “Redeem Code Here,” type functional codes.
  • Select the Redeem code option to obtain your complimentary incentive.

How to obtain extra codes for Loomian Legacy?

Developers’ social media accounts will release all updated codes for May 2024. For any fresh information and updates regarding the game, you can follow both the Loomian Legacy Discord server and their official X @Llama_Train_S accounts. You have to be confirmed before you can join their Discord channel. Before receiving a password, you must first complete the story and earn your first Battle Theatre Medal in Silvent City in order to accomplish it.

Loomian Legacy: What Is It?

Roblox MMO RPG Loomian Legacy is modeled like Pokemon. With your Loomian, you can travel the world and explore towns, engage in combat, gather fragments of an odd stone tablet, and generally cause mischief. As the story is still being written, more updates are to come.