Lords Mobile: helpful tips

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

This guide aims to summarize all the previous Lords Mobile guides in a convenient form – by reading it you will be able to better navigate the game, both as a novice player and trying to understand the intricacies of the game, having experience in it. This guide takes into account that you already know what Lords Mobile is – I will not allocate a separate paragraph to explain the genre of the game and an introduction for absolute beginners.

First, decide how you want to play

Lords Mobile is a very versatile game that can be played in many different ways. If you want to play effectively, you shouldn’t be torn in all directions and try to manage everything at once – choose your strategy and follow it. You can concentrate on improving your city and steer clear of massive military actions and campaigns, thus turning the game into a kind of “farm” – and for this you should concentrate on everything related to construction and research. Such an account will be a valuable’s opportunity for the guild. Alternatively, you can opt to go on a war footing and focus on quickly attacking everyone below you with rapidly replenishing first level troops or by building a monumental army and campaigning with allies. In the first case you can invest all the points of hero development and research into the army’s strength, while in the second case you have to pay more attention to the protection and health of your troops and the development of the Academy. You can also play Lords Mobile for the battles in the Colosseum and the Heroes Trials, concentrating on boosting your heroes and building their skills and equipment so you can get away from city development and political intrigue! It’s important to understand what exactly interests you in the game, and then you can quickly achieve great results.

Do not try to create your own guild if you haven’t prepared for it

Joining a guild is a lot cheaper than starting and running your own – that’s why you should only start a guild if you’re already well-versed in the game and have a good level 25 city with a steady flow of resources and troops. In that case, other people will join you faster – maybe even members of the guild you were in before. Being a guild leader is tricky but fun, because you can set guild trends and guide your allies during realm wars.

Use different accounts

If you want to develop to the max, you should set up multiple accounts. Of course, multitasking is tricky, so think twice about whether you’re willing to oversee multiple cities at the same time. Nevertheless, additional accounts can be used as resource farms, traps, and jumpers – if you combine all cities into one guild and transfer the items and resources you receive to the main city, you can develop a very strong main account. Farm accounts should be concentrated on producing a single resource, trap accounts should maximize defense and troop health (while lowering Strength levels), and jumper accounts are needed to capture lucrative lands in new kingdoms.

Keep food production high

If you’re not using an account farm with, ahem, farms, you should have a lot more farms (than other resource buildings) on your main account. The point is that your army is constantly consuming food, and if the final output looks like a negative number, you’ll quickly get to zero food. Troops won’t weaken or die if they don’t have food – but you’ll lose a lot of development opportunities. To prevent this from happening, develop food production and have equipment to improve it. However, you’ll need a lot less food when you finish town development, so zero food is not a problem at level 25 in town buildings and advanced research.

The Weak Die First

When attacking your town, lower level troops will be the first to die – i.e. in a mixed army of first and third level troops, the first level troops will be the first to die. This means that the first level troops will be the first to be hospitalized, while the third level troops will be the first to die – which is a shame, considering that the higher level troops cost more and take longer to train. To avoid this situation, try not to mix levels of armies – the outcome of the battle in any case is determined by the overall strength of the troops, not by their turn.

Explore a Kingdom at a Glance

Up to the 6th level of castle development, you can change the location of your castle – and change your kingdom – for free. It is important to immediately determine the number of powerful players and guilds in your kingdom, as well as the newness of that kingdom. New kingdoms are usually much easier to develop, as they are protected from invasions and have fewer developed aggressive players. If you’re starting the game, it’s better to jump straight into a new kingdom and become strong there than to endure constant attacks in the old kingdom.

Don’t neglect the Cargo Ship

Once you have access to this structure, start taking advantage of all its offerings. You’ll get lots of resources for food, you can get gold and boosters – the ship’s offerings are updated every 6 hours! The most convenient feature of the ship is that it gives out resources in items and items can’t be stolen – this way you can accumulate a lot of resources and use them when needed and the enemy can’t plunder your supplies.

If your leader is captured or executed, don’t do anything rash

Capturing a leader is very unpleasant, but it is even more unpleasant to lose your entire army and then your remaining resources through rash actions. The most profitable way to get the leader back is to ask the capturing player in chat to give him back. You’d be surprised how often this works – the main thing is to be polite and good-natured, not to make demands or throw tantrums. If your leader is taken by a greedy or annoying player, don’t go after him with your army and ask your guild to kill him for your leader’s sake – you’ll provoke a guild war and make things difficult for everyone. At that time it’s better to leave the guild and attack the player by yourself or set a reward for the leader for all players – in this case no one will have any claims. If a player does get executed, don’t worry. You can win him back by waiting a few days or by buying a special 60,000 coins regeneration item (Rebirth Fruit) from the guild store. You’ll have all his equipment and you won’t lose anything.

It’s always better to attack with one of your upgraded units, and defend with a balanced army

The troop triangle in the game makes each troop type weak against the other, but strong against the third. This triangle, however, can be broken – just improve one troop type to the maximum, and it will have much less weakness against the stronger type and will be able to instantly destroy the weaker type. That’s why it’s always better to attack other castles with one enhanced type of troops. On the other hand, defend with a balanced army, as if you field a similar army you will be an easy target for the player who levels a stronger army in comparison to yours. A balanced army will allow you to at least deal more damage to your attacker.

Lords Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Remember that above all else, you are playing a game

The main purpose of the game is to have fun. Do not worry about lost resources and troops or argue with other players and spoil them and yourself! Try to maintain a friendly relationship with all players and create a cozy community – so you make the game more enjoyable for yourself and for all newcomers. Consequently, the game will become more pleasant and popular, and this means that the developers will pay more attention to their creation. The right attitude to the game will allow you to really enjoy it!

I hope that these ten tips will help you in the game, and you can not only play more efficiently, but also fully enjoy Lords Mobile! Remember, there are Lords Mobile codes for February 2024 that will give you lots of free in-game items.