Meta Lock codes for April 2024 – cash

Last Updated on 13.04.2024

Roblox game Meta Lock, created by @Reydmundo, features a special gaming feature called redeemable codes. These codes are essential to the game’s progression system since they give you free in-game resources like money, boosters, and in-game stuff.

These Meta Lock codes for April 2024 expire after a specific amount of time, making them ineffective. That’s why you should try to use them as soon as possible. These codes not only enable you to progress in the game but also prevent you from using your hard-earned real money to make in-game virtual purchases.

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Latest Meta Lock codes

  • THXFOR15K – 20 spins (NEW)
  • CODESPINS20 – use this code for 20 spins
  • ThxFor10K – use this code for 10 talent spins
  • KENGUNONLINE – free rewards
  • noobiecode1 – free rewards
  • noobiecode2 – free rewards
  • noobiecode3 – free rewards
  • noobiecode4 – free rewards
  • Shutdown0—5 Spins
  • ThxFor10M – 5 Talent Spins
  • srry4shutdown – free rewards
  • COPYCAT – free rewards
  • SorryForShutdown2—Free Spins
  • FixedBugs – free rewards
  • FixedBugs2 – free rewards
  • FixedBugs3 – free rewards
  • HappyBdayNatsu – free rewards
  • Favorites11K – free rewards
  • LORENZO – free rewards
  • SorryForTheDelay – free rewards
  • metalockbetter – free rewards
  • CURVES— 5 Spins
  • TRAP— 5 Spins

Expired codes

  • SorryForShutdown – free rewards
  • ThxFor10KDiscord – free rewards
  • CHRISTMAS—15 Spins and 3 Talent Spins
  • ControlRework – free rewards
  • RinRework – free rewards
  • ThxFor4M – free rewards
  • rinisgood – 5,000 Cash
  • milk – 5,000 Cash
  • plspass – 5,000 Cash
  • BachiraRework – free rewards
  • code_vollstandig – 500 Cash
  • fayreon_dev – 500 Cash
  • RoadTo2M – 500 Cash
  • plscode – 500 Cash
  • UPDATE – 500 Cash
  • HALLOWEEN – 500 Cash
  • WILDCARD – 5,000 Cash
  • KAITO – 5,000 Cash

How to redeem codes in Meta Lock?

To redeem codes in Meta Lock, adhere to the guidelines provided below.

  • Open Roblox Meta Lock.
  • Press the Locker button.
  • Select Build from the menu.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Codes.
  • Enter the code as it appears above in the text box labeled “Insert code here.”
  • Press the Enter button on your keyboard to claim your reward!

How do you obtain additional Meta Lock codes?

Do you wish to hunt for Meta Lock codes for April 2024 on your own? To begin, try adding Roblox friend requests to creator Kaito, also known as @Reydmundo. Additionally, you can join the Meta Lock Discord Server and the Meta Lock Roblox Group. There are other channels available, including ones for polls, announcements, updates, and sneak peeks.

What is Meta Lock?

The well-known Blue Lock manga series served as the inspiration for the Roblox soccer game Meta Lock. Spin in the gacha fashion to try and get rare Bloodline, Weapon, and Flow talents to improve your performance on the field. Additionally, you can spend stat points to boost abilities like strength and speed and your spins to purchase cosmetics.