Miko Era Twelve Myths codes for February 2024 – free costumes, XP and gold

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Explore the world of Miko Era: Twelve Myths, a casual social MMORPG filled with unique races, challenging dungeons and large guilds. Strive to become the strongest messenger of Miko!

You, the strongest miko envoy, have been tasked with raising 12 beautiful miko to protect the world of the city of Akiba. The fate of humanity is in your hands. Will you endure and triumph over the threat of these evil spirits, or will you die trying to protect your city?

Fight evil spirits with 12 beautiful and powerful Zodiacal Mikos. Each has a unique personality and skills; Some are enthusiastic, some are funny, and some are shy. They each have their own exclusive skills. By training them and nurturing them into the most powerful people in existence, you, the most powerful Miko envoy in existence, must fulfill your destiny to protect the city of Akiba along with them!

Utilize our Miko Era Twelve Myths codes for February 2024 to level up and become the strongest Miko Envoy in this new mobile MMORPG, which offers costumes, EXP tickets, and more.

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New Miko Era Twelve Myths codes

Active codes for February 2024:

  • EndofYear2023
  • PrepareXmas
  • HavesomeTea
  • EnjoyBrownies
  • FirstofDec
  • Letsgoshopping
  • HBMickeyMouse
  • TrySundae
  • Plsstayhealthy
  • MakeDifference
  • RedorGreenApple
  • Dessertyoulike
  • Smilefortheday
  • MidAutumnFes
  • IceCreamCone
  • Cheeseburger
  • HugYourPet
  • top2022 – free Youthful Days costume, 200K gold, one EXP ticket, one XP Talisman, and more
  • TestCode123 – rewards

New Miko Era Twelve Myths codes

Expired Miko Era Twelve Myths codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How do I use my codes for Miko Era Twelve Myths?

It’s easy to use your Miko Era Twelve Myths codes for February 2024. Just carry out these simple measures.

  • Launch Miko Era Twelve Myths
  • Open the “Redeem Giftpack” button at the bottom of the menu by tapping the “Benefits” icon next to your avatar.
  • Code should be entered or pasted into the text area.
  • Click “claim”
  • Enjoy the benefits!

How to get more codes for Miko Era Twelve Myths?

Codes will be posted on the Miko Era Twelve Myths official Facebook page. Check back often to see what has just been added to this page, as we will be keeping track of any new codes.

What are Miko Era Twelve Myths codes?

Codes for Miko Era Twelve Myths are in-game bonuses that the developer, EYOUGAME(USS), offers to aid you in your journey. Although we can’t predict when new codes will become live, we keep an eye on them and update this resource frequently, so be sure to bookmark this page and return frequently to make the most of them all.